Sunday, 28 June 2015

Lipstick: My Five Faves

I love a bright lipstick to complete an outfit. It is very rare that I would go out on a Saturday night without one, and if I do it's probably because I was in a rush running out the door and forgot to chuck one into my clutch bag. I really don't have a favourite colour, it completely depends on my mood. Here are the five that I could not live without, if these ever go missing from my make-up bag meltdown mode will set in immediately...

If you love purple...

1. MAC Heroine
Of course MAC would make an appearance, but surprisingly for a beauty addict I don't actually own many products of theirs. However, I just had to treat myself to Heroine, I looooove purple lips! They create such a sexy look with a LBD.

If you like to think pink...

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss: 20
It promises to last up to eight hours, and it really does. I have shade number 20 which is a very bright pink. This really makes your make-up stand out and is perfect for a summery look. I love teaming mine with pink feather earrings to make a bold statement.

3. Essence 10 Cotton Candy
A lighter pink than the Rimmel lipstick but still very noticeable. This shade really does get the idea of cotton candy across. I personally love this. It is a very cute, girly shade, think soft curls and pearl earrings. 

If you need nude...

4. Essence Longlasting Lipstick Nude: 01 Wearing Only A Smile
I don't know any girl that doesn't love a nude lip. Very subtle, but very classy. There is a huge range of Essence nude shades to choose from and all of them are lovely. I love putting a clear lipgloss on top of mine to give it a shine. 

If you're a lady in red...

5. Essence 03 Dare To Wear
Does anybody else find it impossible to find a decent deep red lipstick? All I can usually find are bright ones, but I'm more of a lover of darker reds. I was delighted and shocked when I came across Essence 03 Dare To Wear. It is a gorgeous deep red and cost next to nothing. Without a doubt the best red lipstick that I have ever had.

The Verdict: I would be lost without Essence cosmetics. For the quality and the price you really can't go wrong. Just think how many you could stock up on for the price of one more expensive lipstick. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Five Things That Women Don't Want To Hear Men Say

Whether he's your boyfriend or your best friend, there are just some things that women don't want to hear men say. Here is an example of five, so like 0.00001 percent of the things they don't think through before opening their mouths...

We still love them though, dammit...

1. "Yeah, you look fine."
Fine? FINE? You're telling me I just spent the past four hours gluing on better lashes to my own lashes, contouring like Kim K, applying four layers of tan, pushing my boobs up to the point where I can't breathe anymore and out of all the words in your vocabulary you decide to use fine?

2. "Sorry I can't meet up anymore, I have a match at 3."
Well at least you have a match this afternoon, because you won't bloody have a girlfriend...

3. "Why are you wearing heels?"
Because I am 5'4" and fabulous.

4. "Woah you ate that really fast, you must have been hungry!"
Shut up before I eat you...

5. "It was just a like..."
Just a like? Well this is just a relationship status change...

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Forget Naked, Here Are Three Eyeshadow Palettes You Must Have

The makeup products that I could not live without are definitely my eyeshadow palettes, and thankfully, none of them break the bank. Whether I want a subtle daytime, or dramatic night-time look, I feel so bare without it. I love experimenting with different colours and finding shades to match my outfit.
I have three mainly used eyeshadow palettes: Body Collection, w7 10 out of 10, and Sleek Bad Girl. However, all of them have very different uses. 

My Body Collection palette is a full makeup kit, but I mainly use the eyeshadow and blusher. This palette is perfect for creating a colourful look for night wear. I love it for going out, or when I want to liven up my outfit using my makeup. It has a large variety of colours which range from bright blue to subtle silver. Ideal for any girl that loves making her eyes pop. 

My w7 10 out of 10 palette never leaves my handbag. I mainly use this during the day, as a light base colour at night, or to tone down areas that can often go too dark, such as the corner of my eye beside my nose. It has a soft, but lovely application. The colours are shimmery and include black, silver, various golds, and pastels. 

The Sleek palette is great for creating a gorgeous smokey eye. Most of the colours are deep and apply so well, showing up so much. Sometimes I need to be careful not to get too carried away because of how well it applies. I love the deep green and purple, they look fab against thick liquid eyeliner. The palette also has a few light colours to contrast with the darks. 

Treat yourself, ladies, why not?! 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Rant Of The Week: Men We Love You, But Hands Off Our Handbags

A woman's handbag is a never ending treasure chest. You may think this is an exaggeration and it is worth a lot less than treasure, but if that's the case then you obviously have never invested in a good bag.

I always have my handbag with me no matter where I go, I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without it, nor would I accidentally forget it (which unfortunately isn't the case for my family who could slip my mind rather easily..soz huns). It usually weighs more than me and is physically bigger than me because it is full of my life. That's it. My life is resting peacefully inside that material, which is why it kills me inside whenever anybody goes to have a root through it, especially men. Excuse me, get that shocked look off your face, obviously it's going to be holding 58 tampons, a random pair of tights, one back-up bra strap and a quarter pounder and chips. Do you not know me at all? Don't say I didn't warn you.

I don't understand why men can't grasp the idea of an over-sized handbag, look at my face and hair, do you think I woke up like this? Obviously not, despite popular believe I'm not actually made of sugar, spice and everything nice, I need to carry my tweezers, eyelash glue, bronzer, eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, plasters, panadol, dry shampoo, chewing gum, apple, pet llama and back combing brush somewhere for regular life touch ups. Duh.

Basically, men should never look through women's handbags unless they are told to. It's a whole other world in there. And if you're going to complain about the crazy size of it (big enough to hold all of Russia, or small enough to only fit one M&M, never in between) then no, of course you cannot put anything in it. Unless it is a present for me. Diamonds if possible, but chocolate will do. Thanks bbz.

Just waiting for the day some unfortunate man falls in and is never to be seen again. Lets hope it's when they have man flu or during the World Cup... 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

10 Struggles All Non-Sporty Girls Have During PE Class

If you're anything like me, those eighty minutes of PE class in school each week were absolute torture. This was because I'm not exactly a big lover of sport, or exercise in general...
Thank god that phase of my life is over and I don't have to deal with these issues anymore...

1. Trying to remember what illness/injury you have this week
What did my fake sick note say again? Period pain? Recovering from the flu? Just gotta sit on the bench and look ill...

2. Getting stressed out by all the sporty people around you
Alright love, chill out, it's not the Olympics...

3. Your face becoming a magnet
Why is it that when you're trying to avoid the ball at all costs it always finds a way to hit you straight in the nose? "I'm fine lads, thanks for cari-" "DUCK!" Damaged face round 2.

4. Resisting the urge to vomit over the absolute state of the uniform
Bottle green trousers and an unflattering red hoody. What idiot designed this, seriously? Don't quit the day job. And nah I ain't wearing those shorts, so don't even try...

5. Being picked on by your teacher
"Fe, run!" Bitch please if I sweat I'll fill the room with glitter.

6. Being chosen last for everything
You weren't even chosen, just left over...

7. Deciding what shoes to wear because you don't own runners
Converse? Louboutins?

8. Praying for a free class or asking can you go for a walk everytime
When you said beep test did you mean sleep test?

9. Finding someone to chat to to pass the time
With no luck because everyone fends for themself out there...

10. The effort of getting changed
Nobody look at my legs, it's November, I haven't shaved them since 1937.

Friday, 19 June 2015

The Only Way To Go This Summer

Now that the lovely weather is finally here I decided that it was time to have a look around for new clothes. Only, Clonmel have some fab pieces in store. Definitely a place to head if you're looking for an outfit for an occasion, or just looking to spice up your summer style in general! If you're not a regular shopper in Clonmel, Only is in the Showgrounds Shopping Centre :)

As you all know I am a huge fan of denim jackets so could not help but fall in love with this one. Combined with the white top and light material patterned trousers, your summer style will be sorted! Team with a pair of sunglasses and gladiator sandals and this look is perfect for a day of shopping, road trip to the beach or even a casual night out with the girls. The trousers are also full length, which means they're light enough for the warm days but long enough for when the evening chill starts to set in. Can you imagine this outfit with an oversized handbag and chunky statement jewellery? Fabbbbbb!

This black and white skirt and matching cardigan instantly caught my eye as I walked into the shop. The quirky pattern, along with the material, hides any areas of your body you may feel a bit insecure about (we all have those, ladies!). The pastel pink top adds a burst of colour to the whole outfit and gives a strong summery vibe. Teamed with a pair of strappy heels, a cute little clutch and a delicate necklace, the outfit is perfect for a summer night out. You can also wear each piece of clothing individually for a casual, daytime look. It really can be worn so many different ways depending on how you choose to style it, which means it can be worn over and over again and look like a completely new outfit every time.

Only is the place to head if you're craving a fashion fix and you will be spoiled for choice. The staff are all so friendly and helpful (which is great for me as I am so indecisive when buying clothes!). They will be happy to help if you need anything :) The weekend has arrived, do you really need a better excuse to go shopping? 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Five Perfumes I Cannot Live Without

We all have a scent that people know us by (or 5, if you're anything like me). There are so many perfumes out there it's hard to narrow down your options. Here are my top five favourites :)

1. River Island Paris By Night
I love sweet perfumes so this one is fab. A sweeter version of River Island Paris. I wear this basically every single day and carry it around in my handbag. 

2. Outspoken by Fergie
Fergie released Outspoken with Avon so since it is no longer in Ireland I'm not sure if it is still available to buy online. Despite this problem now, it was my signature scent for years!

3. Curious by Britney Spears
I'm a huge fan of all of Britney's perfumes, this began my love for them and I got a big bottle for Christmas. I admit I do love the colour, and vintage looking bottle too.

4. Circus Fantasy by Britney Spears
My favourite out of all the fantasies, even though I have two others aswell. I couldn't find it for ages and thought they had stopped making it until I found it in a giftset. 

5. Chanel Chance
Okay I confess, I don't like the person I become when other people try to use this. It's my baby and I only use it for special occasions because it's Chanel. The only Chanel thing I own and I am very protective of it because it is gorgeous but a rare treat for myself! 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What I Really Think About Women's Body Fuzz

Okay it is only half 11, and my day hasn't been off to a great start so far. Firstly, I woke up after having a dream that Ed Sheeran was my best friend and fell in love with me so was fairly distraught when I realised he has no idea that I exist, and secondly, I read an article by the Daily Mail which had me questioning mankind.

The top of the article said "From the moustache to bikini line, what men REALLY think about women's body fuzz and how they should be dealing with it" Dealing with it? If you can't handle us in our true form then we will be dumping you for being so shallow and having such a false idea of the "perfect" woman.

Get The Gloss asked males what they thought about women having body hair and all I can say is lock up your daughters because there are some seriously inconsiderate people out there. Not all of them though, of course. Some said: "There are more qualities to a woman and her body hair is one small aspect. It can be equally attractive for a woman to be au naturel and be confident enough to not conform to opinions and trends in society and glossy magazines." and "I guess I like something there, like a line or runway type thing. I prefer a bit of hair because otherwise it’s too childlike. Ultimately though, I don’t really care that much." PREACH!

I'm not saying women should be a certain way, or going on a hate rant against men, I just think people are insecure enough without being expected to look like Barbie and Ken. Realistically, women aren't supposed to be completely bare, if they were, no hair would grow to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling after I've just shaved, no matter what area. However, we just do not have the time to do this every single day.

In an ideal world, all men would look like Zac Efron or Channing Tatum while also having a heart of gold, and a voice like Ed Sheeran, but we don't pressure them about it. Being told to remove all of your body hair is like telling men to go to the gym everyday because they have to look a certain way. Some people said women shouldn't have hair because they see it as a masculine feature. Muscles could also be considered masculine, but many men seem to be lacking that feature, or are they hidden under your excessive amounts of manly body hair? These stereotypes have been put there by people and society, they aren't real. Women don't go on a hunt for a man with a moustache or particularly hairy chest, we want a man who is going to respect us and love us for who we are, that's all. We don't want a Gaston, we would choose the Beast everytime (I know he's obviously more hairy, but you know what I mean).

Times have changed, and so have the ideas of masculine and feminine. I grew up being completely insecure because of hair on my arms and hair on my face, but as I got older, I realised all women have that, it's completely normal. I went through a phase of waxing all the time to get rid of this hair but now I feel a lot more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I used to take it really personally and get upset if people commented on it, but now I just laugh it off because I don't want to be around people who make fun of it anyway, they're not true friends.

Women can't help the amount of body hair they naturally have, it doesn't make them any less of a woman. Yes, I love the feeling of having just shaved my legs, but I do that for me, not for anybody else. If he doesn't love you for who you are and tries to change you, he doesn't deserve you to begin with. 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Rant Of The Week: When Clothes Are Put In The Sale Section By Accident

As a dedicated clothes lover and very constant shopper (don't tell my mum), I am always on the hunt for a bargain. As over dramatic as it may sound, this bargain hunting doesn't always end in smiles and rainbows. In fact, I very often come out of the shop distraught and have visions of the unaffordable pair of shoes for days when they have been wrongly placed in the sale.
This happened to me today. I thought something was reduced when in fact, it wasn't. ALWAYS PUT CLOTHES BACK IN THE CORRECT PLACES PEOPLE. This common but unfortunate mistake can break hearts and potentially ruin lives.
There really is nothing worse than seeing the dress you've wanted for aaaages in your size, the only one left, amongst a group of dresses reduced to €15, then thinking "Wow, this is clearly fate" and bringing it to the counter only to hear the words "€65 euro please!" What. The. Hell.
In fact it was not fate after all, you were probably just cursed as a baby and set to live the rest of your fashion loving days in absolute misery. Grim...

Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Daily Struggles Of Being An Emotional Person

I am a very emotional person, it's no secret, everyone knows it. If we ever suffer a drought you need not fear because my tear ducts will save us all. Trust me...
Us emotional people struggle on a daily basis because what some non-emotional people can't understand is that we just cannot control it. People know me for saying "Why are my eyes watering?", and that will never change.
Here are five things emotional people face on a daily basis...

1. Being told you cry all the time
Look, I can only control my tear ducts as much as I can control my bladder. You've just gotta let it flow...

2. When you're genuinely upset people don't notice because you're always crying
No guys, this is the real deal this time, I genuinely am upset right now..hello? HELLO? No? Okay, just ignore me that's fine...

3. You can never hide how you're feeling
"Are you okay?" "Yeah, like I know you just told me you have a new girlfriend but I swear I'm not crying because of that, I was just chopping an onion three days ago that's all..."

4. Crying happens at the most awkward times #morto
Why are we watching The Notebook in school? Is it really necessary? What does this have to do with the religion course?

5. Your contouring and winged eyeliner is always ruined on nights out and you're not exactly looking your best
Just leave me here on the bathroom floor in my pool of tears, misery and wasted cosmetics...

Friday, 12 June 2015

The Basic Rules Of Girl Code

Living in girl world isn't always easy, there is a bible with strict rules that all girls must follow. If you have a friend who isn't following these rules then you must try to subtly exile her from your kingdom of besties immediately. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life...
Girl code is the simple way to tell your true friends from your fake friends.

1. Ex boyfriends/Love interests are completely off limits
Sure I've moved on, but that doesn't mean I can just erase the memory of the wedding dress I designed in second class. No but really, go cook your own dinner out of the billions of other ingredients worldwide and leave my leftovers alone.

2. If the guy your friend likes shows interest in you, you must run a mile
And if that's not far enough, move to Peru and delete all your social media accounts. Do not show any interest back, just talk up your friend. However, you don't need to worry too much about this one, this is unlikely to happen unless you have been talking to this guy a lot. And in that case, EXILED.

3. If one member of the group is hating on a guy who broke her heart the rest must follow suit
No you cannot get selfies with him, and no you cannot be having a laugh with him while your friend is crying on the bathroom floor because he left her heart in pieces. We don't care how funny he is...

4. "Do you think his ex girlfriend is pretty?"
No, obviously not. Never hesistate, the answer is just no. And if your friend says "everyone else thinks she's pretty" and you're backed into a corner, just say "she is obvious pretty" (whatever that means).

5. Friends who make bitchy comments to put you down and don't support you are not true friends
Friends pick you up when you're down and never judge you. If you have to question whether your supposed to be BFF is acting sly, that's because she is. Girls are very good at hiding sly digs behind a smile and the line "oh my god you look fab", always remember that.

Spotlight Stories: Taylor And Calvin Are Getting Serious #RelationshipGoals

Well, it looks like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris could be filling the blank spaces in each others lives as the pair have quickly become inseparable. After leaving us wondering are they or aren't they, they confirmed the rumours with a lot of PDA and loved up pictures from the Billboard Music Awards that made our hearts melt.

Now it seems that Taylor could have finally found the one as their relationship seems to have become very serious in a short space of time. We waited a long time for adorable Instagram pictures and now that they have arrived, we have heard that they are spending every chance they get together. Aww!

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

A source has told E! News that the couple "are spending every free day they have together" before Taylor continues her 1989 tour.

However, this isn't the only chance they get to see each other as the source has said: "Whenever she has a break in her tour, she flies on her private jet to meet up with him," doing the usual things couples do on chilled nights in, including "ordering takeout".

"Taylor feels very safe and secure with Calvin so she usually doesn't have her bodyguard around if Calvin is over. Sometimes she will leave for a few hours and go on a hike with friends or go to a business meeting, but they always meet up again later in the day," the source stated.

Right Calvin, this is the real deal, no breaking Tay Tay's heart and ruining our new favourite celeb relationship...

I don't think we have much to worry about though as the source added: "She is planning on having Calvin join her in certain cities and also will be bringing him to her beach house in Rhode Island."

Awww, you guys!

When Them Feels Are Coming For You But You Don't Want Them

Monday, 8 June 2015

Rant Of The Week: When Your Sister Is Going To San Francisco

My sister is heading off to America tomorrow for the summer and as annoying as she is, I must say, I'm actually going to miss her, but also can't wait to lose the role of middle child. Saying that, I hope she brings the oldest child responsibilities in her suitcase with her because I can't be dealing with those all by myself.
I have many feelings about her leaving, she is my partner in crime, which is why I'm 99% sure she is going to sneak my only bottle of Cocoa Brown into her bag. I am going to spend the next 3 months realising half my stuff is missing and I am not okay with that. Luckily, I get to sleep in her double bed all summer, but what good is that when she won't be underneath it to grab my legs after watching a horror film? It's the end of an era... 
Looking at her wardrobe now all possibilities of happiness have been crushed because she has left all the stuff that I never wear and doesn't fit me. Which means I either have to wear my own clothes or go shopping for a new wardrobe that resembles hers. It's a hard life. 
When we aren't fighting over socks and she isn't chucking my stuff at me that has gradually built up to take over every corner of her room we are usually bitching and laughing about all the old times like when she sent me a fake Hogwarts letter...
This summer will take some getting used to that's for sure. Gonna miss ya Smelodie!

Rant Of The Week: My Dad When I'm Trying To Write Rant Of The Week

I used to think nothing distracts me more than the sound of silence, I always need music on when I'm writing. However, I have now realised that nothing distracts me more than my dad sitting there in silence when I am trying to write my rant of the week.

Anybody who knows my father knows he is a joker and loves winding people up, and while this is all well and good, it is very distracting when I am trying to channel my creativity. Dad, your Scooby-Doo impression is great, but I have heard it approximately 1,367 times since birth and am trying to write a blog here. He always means well, but sometimes it can be more irritatng than he thinks. For example, five minutes ago he said he would light the fire for me because I am cold and right now all I can hear is the loud sound of chopping wood waking the whole house up. He always was an early bird, which was a delight for me at ten past eight on school mornings.

Don't get me wrong, he has some uses, there's usually cups of tea flying out of the kitchen every twenty minutes when he's around, but I also know he does things to annoy me on purpose. When he calls me moody (Pffft, I never get moody), or when he says "You listen to some rubbish, don't you?" as he presses play on Disco hits of the 70's. Dad hun, what you at? Yes sir I can boogie, what does that even mean?? He is currently singing "Boogie nights uh-huh uh-huh I like it" while shoveling coal, and no sir, he cannot boogie. This, obviously, is an issue for me as I am trying to listen to Ellie Goulding.

He has now informed me that his dog Fido would be over 350 years old in dog years if he was still alive because his birthday was yesterday. He can't remember my age but can remember the important details about a dog that died in 1978...

I'm moving out...

Saturday, 6 June 2015

New vlog: Best Friend Shenanigans

Here is my latest vlog with my best friend Claire :) I am trying to put more time towards vlogging now since I disappeared for aaaages, sorry guys :( Don't forget to subscribe :)
Enjoyyyyyy x

Friday, 5 June 2015

Spotlight Stories: Moving In More Than One Direction? Baby No2 for Kimye, and Marrying Mr Wright

I have decided to start the celebrity section of my blog today after waking up to the distressing news that One Direction are apparently taking a break. This is called Spotlight Stories and will be a weekly feature on my blog, although I'm not fully sure what day each week yet, but I will keep you updated.

In relation to 1D though, lets face it, we all saw it coming, it's not as if Zayn's shock departure was exactly a minor setback for the band, it was huge for the heartthrobs They just lost their high-note hitter and one fifth of the yummy-ness. That is a rather big chunk.

However, the reports of a break may not be true, as their publicist has said it is "pure speculation", but I suppose you never know. Aswell as this, those cheating rumours, along with Louis' feud with (possibly of one of the most irritating men on the planet in my opinion) Naughty Boy didn't mean it was all smooth sailing for the boy band. I personally don't think they will get back together if they do go on a break after 2016, this does upset me because I'm a Directioner at heart, even if I didn't prove it by doing anything extreme such as spending weeks in bed crying when Zayn left, or asking Charlie the spirit if Harry is my soulmate (I already know that he is, obviously). I just kind of, well, got on with my normal life. Unfortunately, I feel like the break will end up lasting a lot longer than intended and before we know it I'll be buying tickets to their comeback tour while beside my kids and anti-ageing moisturiser...

This isn't the only thing to be catching my attention lately, if Kim Kardashian is pregnant with twins, I genuinely want to ask her if I can keep one. And even if she is only having one baby, how exciting is the thought of another North? We all know she is the most sassy kid around. I had a feeling for ages that Kim was pregnant and was over the moon when I read that it had been confirmed. Eeeek, apparently she's due in December. I'm more excited about that arrival than I am about Santa...

I'm a bit behind on this one, but the most anticipated wedding of the year was one that sent women everywhere into extreme jealousy and sadness, including myself. Marrying Mark Wright AND being that hot? Michelle, we love you, but also hate you just a little bit we have to admit. The photos were shown in Hello magazine and I looooved her dress. The way it went out at the end and the cut out detail on the back. Ugh, girl can we be you please? Okay guys, the wedding is over, time for babies. We can't wait to see the outcome of those genes! No pressure guys...

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Things That Are Possibly Worse Than The Leaving Cert

Firstly, you shouldn't even be reading this, tut tut. Anyway, I'm not one to judge...

I did my Leaving Cert last year, and I can admit that I didn't devote as much time to it as I could have. This years exams start tomorrow and I'm sure there are many worried students across the country, however, despite what is taught in schools, did you know that life actually goes on after the Leaving Cert? I am living proof of this. I'm still sarcastic, loud, a hopeless romantic, clumsy, addicted to tea and absolutely horrendously bad at maths. Nothing changed too dramatically when the "most important exam" of my life ended.

I can assure you, as stressed as you may get trying to work out every single detail of a circle or graph (because you will definitely need this in everyday life, obviously, all the time) and no matter how many tears you may cry after Biology (that was me, I literally knew nothing and passed the hours trying to figure out whether or not I spelled Photosynthesis correctly) you will be fine. If you've been listening at all all year, you will definitely know something.

Some of you may kill me for this, but to lift some spirits I have decided to list some things that are (in my opinion) worse than the Leaving probably won't believe me or appreciate it now, but you will when you realise after a few months that what's for you won't pass you and everything will fall into place the way it's supposed to eventually.

Here goes, A1 student right here (at least I'm honest...)

1. Hitting your toe off the corner of a coffee table
Wouldn't you much rather be sitting in a hall writing about lovely poetry? Thought so...

2. Double French
Once the exam is done that's it, if I had to go back I would do the real French exam 10 times before stepping foot in the classroom for eighty minutes of torture, and any Loreto student knows the fear of the dreaded egg timer from hell...

3. Seeing the love of your life kiss someone else
Don't deny it, there is no heartbreak like it. Love life and future happiness- 0 Modh Coinniollach- 1. How unforch.

4. Going to make tea and realising there's no milk
I can't even talk about the pain this brings to the world...

5. Turning up to a party wearing the same dress as your worst enemy
Oh wait, you're all wearing the same pinafore, never mind. #awks

Best of luck everyone, the worst part is behind you now and it's all adventure from now on! :)

New Look Pure Colour Dip Eyeliner

As much as I love make-up, I still cannot properly perfect my eyeliner skills. The only one I was using was my gel eyeliner.

I had no idea New Look were doing make-up until I went in for a browse recently. One of the first things that caught my eye were the affordable prices. I immediately went to the eyeliner to have a look because I am dying to practise it. I picked up the Dip Eyeliner in 01 Black, which is water resistant. At only €4.99, I said I would give it a go.

I tried it for the first time over the bank holiday weekend and I have to say I really do like it. To be honest, some parts I had to go over a few times to fully cover but other than that I had no problems. (Apart from spending seven hours trying to get the winged look even on both sides, obviously... )

It was easy to work with and I was surprised how well it applied. For less than a fiver this certainly surprised me. I love the look of a liquid eyeliner and how dramatic you can make it, this is my favourite kind of make-up look.

The end result with Pure Colour Dip Eyeliner

Overall, I was delighted with how my make-up turned out for Sunday night. I went for dramatic winged eyeliner and was very proud of it if I do say so myself! Definitely worth a purchase, and the whole New Look Pure Colour range is a gorgeous bargain beauty buy.