Forget Naked, Here Are Three Eyeshadow Palettes You Must Have

The makeup products that I could not live without are definitely my eyeshadow palettes, and thankfully, none of them break the bank. Whether I want a subtle daytime, or dramatic night-time look, I feel so bare without it. I love experimenting with different colours and finding shades to match my outfit.

I have three mainly used eyeshadow palettes: Body Collection, w7 10 out of 10, and Sleek Bad Girl. However, all of them have very different uses. 
My Body Collection palette is a full makeup kit, but I mainly use the eyeshadow and blusher. This palette is perfect for creating a colourful look for night wear. I love it for going out, or when I want to liven up my outfit using my makeup. It has a large variety of colours which range from bright blue to subtle silver. Ideal for any girl that loves making her eyes pop. 

My w7 10 out of 10 palette never leaves my handbag. I mainly use this during the day, as a light base colour at night, or to tone down areas that can often go too dark, such as the corner of my eye beside my nose. It has a soft, but lovely application. The colours are shimmery and include black, silver, various golds, and pastels. 

The Sleek palette is great for creating a gorgeous smokey eye. Most of the colours are deep and apply so well, showing up so much. Sometimes I need to be careful not to get too carried away because of how well it applies. I love the deep green and purple, they look fab against thick liquid eyeliner. The palette also has a few light colours to contrast with the darks. 
Treat yourself, ladies, why not?! 

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