The Five Perfumes I Cannot Live Without

We all have a scent that people know us by (or 5, if you’re anything like me). There are so many perfumes out there it’s hard to narrow down your options. Here are my top five favourites 🙂

1. River Island Paris By Night
I love sweet perfumes so this one is fab. A sweeter version of River Island Paris. I wear this basically every single day and carry it around in my handbag. 

2. Outspoken by Fergie
Fergie released Outspoken with Avon so since it is no longer in Ireland I’m not sure if it is still available to buy online. Despite this problem now, it was my signature scent for years!

3. Curious by Britney Spears
I’m a huge fan of all of Britney’s perfumes, this began my love for them and I got a big bottle for Christmas. I admit I do love the colour, and vintage looking bottle too.

4. Circus Fantasy by Britney Spears
My favourite out of all the fantasies, even though I have two others aswell. I couldn’t find it for ages and thought they had stopped making it until I found it in a giftset. 

5. Chanel Chance
Okay I confess, I don’t like the person I become when other people try to use this. It’s my baby and I only use it for special occasions because it’s Chanel. The only Chanel thing I own and I am very protective of it because it is gorgeous but a rare treat for myself! 

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