The Daily Struggles Of Being An Emotional Person

I am a very emotional person, it’s no secret, everyone knows it. If we ever suffer a drought you need not fear because my tear ducts will save us all. Trust me…

Us emotional people struggle on a daily basis because what some non-emotional people can’t understand is that we just cannot control it. People know me for saying “Why are my eyes watering?”, and that will never change.
Here are five things emotional people face on a daily basis…
1. Being told you cry all the time
Look, I can only control my tear ducts as much as I can control my bladder. You’ve just gotta let it flow…

2. When you’re genuinely upset people don’t notice because you’re always crying
No guys, this is the real deal this time, I genuinely am upset right now..hello? HELLO? No? Okay, just ignore me that’s fine…

3. You can never hide how you’re feeling
“Are you okay?” “Yeah, like I know you just told me you have a new girlfriend but I swear I’m not crying because of that, I was just chopping an onion three days ago that’s all…”

4. Crying happens at the most awkward times #morto
Why are we watching The Notebook in school? Is it really necessary? What does this have to do with the religion course?

5. Your contouring and winged eyeliner is always ruined on nights out and you’re not exactly looking your best
Just leave me here on the bathroom floor in my pool of tears, misery and wasted cosmetics…

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