Lipstick: My Five Faves

I love a bright lipstick to complete an outfit. It is very rare that I would go out on a Saturday night without one, and if I do it’s probably because I was in a rush running out the door and forgot to chuck one into my clutch bag. I really don’t have a favourite colour, it completely depends on my mood. Here are the five that I could not live without, if these ever go missing from my make-up bag meltdown mode will set in immediately…

If you love purple…

1. MAC Heroine
Of course MAC would make an appearance, but surprisingly for a beauty addict I don’t actually own many products of theirs. However, I just had to treat myself to Heroine, I looooove purple lips! They create such a sexy look with a LBD.
If you like to think pink…

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss: 20
It promises to last up to eight hours, and it really does. I have shade number 20 which is a very bright pink. This really makes your make-up stand out and is perfect for a summery look. I love teaming mine with pink feather earrings to make a bold statement.
3. Essence 10 Cotton Candy
A lighter pink than the Rimmel lipstick but still very noticeable. This shade really does get the idea of cotton candy across. I personally love this. It is a very cute, girly shade, think soft curls and pearl earrings. 
If you need nude…

4. Essence Longlasting Lipstick Nude: 01 Wearing Only A Smile
I don’t know any girl that doesn’t love a nude lip. Very subtle, but very classy. There is a huge range of Essence nude shades to choose from and all of them are lovely. I love putting a clear lipgloss on top of mine to give it a shine. 
If you’re a lady in red…

5. Essence 03 Dare To Wear
Does anybody else find it impossible to find a decent deep red lipstick? All I can usually find are bright ones, but I’m more of a lover of darker reds. I was delighted and shocked when I came across Essence 03 Dare To Wear. It is a gorgeous deep red and cost next to nothing. Without a doubt the best red lipstick that I have ever had.
The Verdict: I would be lost without Essence cosmetics. For the quality and the price you really can’t go wrong. Just think how many you could stock up on for the price of one more expensive lipstick. 

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