Things That Are Possibly Worse Than The Leaving Cert

Firstly, you shouldn’t even be reading this, tut tut. Anyway, I’m not one to judge…

I did my Leaving Cert last year, and I can admit that I didn’t devote as much time to it as I could have. This years exams start tomorrow and I’m sure there are many worried students across the country, however, despite what is taught in schools, did you know that life actually goes on after the Leaving Cert? I am living proof of this. I’m still sarcastic, loud, a hopeless romantic, clumsy, addicted to tea and absolutely horrendously bad at maths. Nothing changed too dramatically when the “most important exam” of my life ended.

I can assure you, as stressed as you may get trying to work out every single detail of a circle or graph (because you will definitely need this in everyday life, obviously, all the time) and no matter how many tears you may cry after Biology (that was me, I literally knew nothing and passed the hours trying to figure out whether or not I spelled Photosynthesis correctly) you will be fine. If you’ve been listening at all all year, you will definitely know something.

Some of you may kill me for this, but to lift some spirits I have decided to list some things that are (in my opinion) worse than the Leaving Cert…you probably won’t believe me or appreciate it now, but you will when you realise after a few months that what’s for you won’t pass you and everything will fall into place the way it’s supposed to eventually.

Here goes, A1 student right here (at least I’m honest…)

1. Hitting your toe off the corner of a coffee table
Wouldn’t you much rather be sitting in a hall writing about lovely poetry? Thought so…

2. Double French
Once the exam is done that’s it, if I had to go back I would do the real French exam 10 times before stepping foot in the classroom for eighty minutes of torture, and any Loreto student knows the fear of the dreaded egg timer from hell…

3. Seeing the love of your life kiss someone else
Don’t deny it, there is no heartbreak like it. Love life and future happiness- 0 Modh Coinniollach- 1. How unforch.

4. Going to make tea and realising there’s no milk
I can’t even talk about the pain this brings to the world…

5. Turning up to a party wearing the same dress as your worst enemy
Oh wait, you’re all wearing the same pinafore, never mind. #awks

Best of luck everyone, the worst part is behind you now and it’s all adventure from now on! 🙂

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