New Look Pure Colour Dip Eyeliner

As much as I love make-up, I still cannot properly perfect my eyeliner skills. The only one I was using was my gel eyeliner.

I had no idea New Look were doing make-up until I went in for a browse recently. One of the first things that caught my eye were the affordable prices. I immediately went to the eyeliner to have a look because I am dying to practise it. I picked up the Dip Eyeliner in 01 Black, which is water resistant. At only €4.99, I said I would give it a go.

I tried it for the first time over the bank holiday weekend and I have to say I really do like it. To be honest, some parts I had to go over a few times to fully cover but other than that I had no problems. (Apart from spending seven hours trying to get the winged look even on both sides, obviously… )

It was easy to work with and I was surprised how well it applied. For less than a fiver this certainly surprised me. I love the look of a liquid eyeliner and how dramatic you can make it, this is my favourite kind of make-up look.

The end result with Pure Colour Dip Eyeliner

Overall, I was delighted with how my make-up turned out for Sunday night. I went for dramatic winged eyeliner and was very proud of it if I do say so myself! Definitely worth a purchase, and the whole New Look Pure Colour range is a gorgeous bargain beauty buy.

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