Spotlight Stories: Moving In More Than One Direction? Baby No2 for Kimye, and Marrying Mr Wright

I have decided to start the celebrity section of my blog today after waking up to the distressing news that One Direction are apparently taking a break. This is called Spotlight Stories and will be a weekly feature on my blog, although I’m not fully sure what day each week yet, but I will keep you updated.

In relation to 1D though, lets face it, we all saw it coming, it’s not as if Zayn’s shock departure was exactly a minor setback for the band, it was huge for the heartthrobs They just lost their high-note hitter and one fifth of the yummy-ness. That is a rather big chunk.

However, the reports of a break may not be true, as their publicist has said it is “pure speculation”, but I suppose you never know. Aswell as this, those cheating rumours, along with Louis’ feud with (possibly of one of the most irritating men on the planet in my opinion) Naughty Boy didn’t mean it was all smooth sailing for the boy band. I personally don’t think they will get back together if they do go on a break after 2016, this does upset me because I’m a Directioner at heart, even if I didn’t prove it by doing anything extreme such as spending weeks in bed crying when Zayn left, or asking Charlie the spirit if Harry is my soulmate (I already know that he is, obviously). I just kind of, well, got on with my normal life. Unfortunately, I feel like the break will end up lasting a lot longer than intended and before we know it I’ll be buying tickets to their comeback tour while beside my kids and anti-ageing moisturiser…

This isn’t the only thing to be catching my attention lately, if Kim Kardashian is pregnant with twins, I genuinely want to ask her if I can keep one. And even if she is only having one baby, how exciting is the thought of another North? We all know she is the most sassy kid around. I had a feeling for ages that Kim was pregnant and was over the moon when I read that it had been confirmed. Eeeek, apparently she’s due in December. I’m more excited about that arrival than I am about Santa…

I’m a bit behind on this one, but the most anticipated wedding of the year was one that sent women everywhere into extreme jealousy and sadness, including myself. Marrying Mark Wright AND being that hot? Michelle, we love you, but also hate you just a little bit we have to admit. The photos were shown in Hello magazine and I looooved her dress. The way it went out at the end and the cut out detail on the back. Ugh, girl can we be you please? Okay guys, the wedding is over, time for babies. We can’t wait to see the outcome of those genes! No pressure guys…

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