Rant Of The Week: When Clothes Are Put In The Sale Section By Accident

As a dedicated clothes lover and very constant shopper (don’t tell my mum), I am always on the hunt for a bargain. As over dramatic as it may sound, this bargain hunting doesn’t always end in smiles and rainbows. In fact, I very often come out of the shop distraught and have visions of the unaffordable pair of shoes for days when they have been wrongly placed in the sale.
This happened to me today. I thought something was reduced when in fact, it wasn’t. ALWAYS PUT CLOTHES BACK IN THE CORRECT PLACES PEOPLE. This common but unfortunate mistake can break hearts and potentially ruin lives.
There really is nothing worse than seeing the dress you’ve wanted for aaaages in your size, the only one left, amongst a group of dresses reduced to €15, then thinking “Wow, this is clearly fate” and bringing it to the counter only to hear the words “€65 euro please!” What. The. Hell.
In fact it was not fate after all, you were probably just cursed as a baby and set to live the rest of your fashion loving days in absolute misery. Grim…

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