Five Things That Women Don’t Want To Hear Men Say

Whether he’s your boyfriend or your best friend, there are just some things that women don’t want to hear men say. Here is an example of five, so like 0.00001 percent of the things they don’t think through before opening their mouths…

We still love them though, dammit…

1. “Yeah, you look fine.”

Fine? FINE? You’re telling me I just spent the past four hours gluing on better lashes to my own lashes, contouring like Kim K, applying four layers of tan, pushing my boobs up to the point where I can’t breathe anymore and out of all the words in your vocabulary you decide to use fine?

2. “Sorry I can’t meet up anymore, I have a match at 3.”
Well at least you have a match this afternoon, because you won’t bloody have a girlfriend…

3. “Why are you wearing heels?”
Because I am 5’4″ and fabulous.

4. “Woah you ate that really fast, you must have been hungry!”

Shut up before I eat you…

5. “It was just a like…”
Just a like? Well this is just a relationship status change…

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