“There is a time for everything and definitely a time for magic…”

Love collected me from my house a little before 3pm. I didn’t know it was love at this point and love didn’t know me, all I knew was the car that love drove so that I could look out for it. Love didn’t come crashing into my aura, it didn’t cause upheaval. Love pulled into […]

“Some guys were the emotional equivalent of the tub of burger sauce…”

When I was single, there were many times when I thought things were falling apart. It would usually start with dropping my favourite palette at the start of the night, speckles of bronzer everywhere, and end with dropping my tub of burger sauce at 3am. And somewhere in between all these little collapses, were the […]

“Maybe we should keep social distancing in place for situationships?”

I don’t know which feeling is more grim – lying awake beside a sleeping red flag who you know you should not be lying beside again, or waiting for that red flag to contact you in the days that follow. Either way, it doesn’t matter, you will both speak again when you’re three Pinot Grigios […]

“Was I really allowing myself to be here… again?”

I Think He's Gone Weird

I had an epiphany. No, the clouds didn’t open for me, there wasn’t a magical shimmer surrounding the moment, I was just sitting on my bedroom floor in front of a full-length mirror, munching on a bag of crisps and applying my foundation. Sitting between a bottle of Huda Faux Filter and the Salt and […]

“Here I was, completely confused in the loo of my local…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

There is nothing worse than hearing something you really don’t want to hear about one of your ‘What if’ guys. Even worse again when you’re four pornstar martinis in, you’re totally caught off guard in a pub loo, and the news you hear is about how loved up he is – with a gal who […]