“You Have To Trust The Love Of Your Main Character…”

I doubt myself a lot. I trust myself a lot. I find both things can exist in the same story, but one determines whether you’ll finish writing the story. I write all about love, and my main loves are my stories. Self-doubt trickles in all the time though, it trickled into my words today when […]

“Your Worth Is Not Measured By Your Firsts…”

Gal, you are not falling behind in life. We are all falling behind in life. Well, it will always feel that way when we’re comparing our normal to the normal of others. What is normal anyway? Sounds awfully boring to me. I have been inspired to post this from seeing the ‘Things I’m ashamed of’ […]

“Lose Your Glass Slipper Gals, Lose Your Mind In Maybe Loves At Midnight…”

I’m cuddled up with a white chocolate Baileys, watching Cinderella whilst Prince Charming naps beside me. My glass slippers – Penneys version of pink Converse – are thrown down beside the sofa, mucky and wet from playing football with the dog when today’s wild weather cooled off for half an hour or so. I’m not […]

“So I Settle Into Stargazing Until He Drops Me Home…”

‘I wish there was a way that we could go back and see all the times that we crossed paths without knowing it’ I say to my boyfriend, in between latte sips, sitting in the passenger seat of his van and looking at one of the haunts we both used to visit. I really do. […]

“I Hope You’re Afraid Of Being Cringe…”

I hope you’re afraid of being ‘cringe.’ Not because I want the fear to hold you back, but because worrying about being ‘cringe’ means you’re doing something different, you’re doing something with heart, you’re stepping into a power era that you know will shake past versions of you and the people who are comfortable with […]

“The Red Wine Era Is Exhilarating…”

Ever feel like so many people seem to have their life together and are putting across perfectly polished, glistening, clean aesthetic lives on social media? But you’re a red wine gal – this aesthetic doesn’t work for you because you often jump up and spill half the glass everywhere in excitement. You’re going this way, […]

“Somewhere Within All Of This, I Started To Go Weird On Myself…”

Somewhere along the way, I got caught up in a situationship with certain parts of myself. I was settling for things that didn’t sit right with me, I was listening to the: ‘But why are you still writing about men, heartache and finding love when you have a boyfriend?’ from some people. Somewhere within all […]

“I Love That Side Of Me And What She Represents…” 

Women have fire, women are fire, but when our relationships are on fire, we are often told not to fight fire with fire. My fire is something I often brought into my dating life, because given the modern dating climate, it was impossible to keep being nice, all the time. To continuously be a ‘yes’ […]

“We Should Leap Towards Love And Leap Towards Life…”

Stepping into your own power can be scary. The current version of you is peering over a ledge and hoping the version of you that you want to become will be there to catch you if you leap. On top of your own fear, whispers often line your shoulders with doubts from others about this […]

To Evolve Is Magic

To evolve is magic,to chop, change, embrace the journey.But we are often told to avoid, to settle,to sink our feet into the norm. Quicksand. Now that you are here, you should just stay.The person you will be tomorrowis the one that you are today. “Sorry” I say. “I am not built that way”But I have exhausted […]

The Old House And Her

Walls and walls, winding and whispering, worried and worn. A single flower, fiery and rouge, sways to the left of the outside steps — a fighter amongst the weeds. The front door is towering with a powerful presence, enveloping the visitor with its webs and woe. It creaks open, breathing life back into the forgotten. Her eyes […]

You Are Not Falling Behind In Life, I Promise

Fenella in front of her blue car after passing her driving test

Life is a journey. We arrive at destination A, not by choice but by chance, and then have a middle part before we land at destination B. As my parents say: “We’re all just passing through.” Nobody knows how long the middle part will last, it varies, yet, we’re always in a rush to move […]

An Eternal Summer

June fell over the town, a sprinkling of sunny afternoons and outstretched evenings. Overlooking a river, an old stone wall was laughing, lined with teenagers sharing stories and a packet of bon bons. A row of wacky fun and vibrant colour — fashion was without rules and hairstyles were purely experiments. Striped tights, tutus and […]

You Tell Me You’ll Text Me Tomorrow

You tell me you’ll text me tomorrow, and I don’t want to say this again, but you said that the last time, phone abuzz from everyone I know but you. I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall. Can I add up all these minutes I’ve spent waiting for this text? I wonder […]