“We Should Leap Towards Love And Leap Towards Life…”

Stepping into your own power can be scary. The current version of you is peering over a ledge and hoping the version of you that you want to become will be there to catch you if you leap. On top of your own fear, whispers often line your shoulders with doubts from others about this leap. They don’t have to leap, it isn’t their ledge. Many of these voices will forget about you if you do leap, yet we can be more likely to listen to these whispers rather than the voice of the woman you’re destined to be, the one who is shouting up at you, begging you to join her because it really is safe where she is.

At what point do we learn to fully trust ourself? To silence the doubts and embrace what you know has already been written for you within the galaxies that live in your soul?

I think we’re all part of the bigger picture, whatever that may be. We love what we love because it carries a purpose, but until we leap towards it we can never fully understand what that purpose is all about. We should leap towards love and leap towards life, because there is no woman we are more excited to have brunch with than the woman we dream about becoming every day. And she is waiting for you, but you already know that because she keeps calling out.

So, listen to her, hear her, sit with her and thank her for believing in the strength of your wings.

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