“The Red Wine Era Is Exhilarating…”

Ever feel like so many people seem to have their life together and are putting across perfectly polished, glistening, clean aesthetic lives on social media? But you’re a red wine gal – this aesthetic doesn’t work for you because you often jump up and spill half the glass everywhere in excitement. You’re going this way, then that way, glass in hand, direction yet to be confirmed. Carpet stained, coffee table messy, everything around you chaotic, life one huge bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon – just winging it.

I have a confession to make – I sort of love just well, winging it. That feeling of ‘winging it’ can feel so isolating because social media has made it seem like everybody has their life together. But I actually think we’re all universally linked in this feeling of isolation, we all think everybody has it figured out, and we’re all wrong. So, so wrong. The red wine era is exhilarating.

No matter the amount of filters and clear countertops, we all have a junk drawer. Batteries, old leads, random toothpicks, a few birthday candles, the hat you thought you’d lost, your dreams, losses, fears, anxieties – we all have that junk drawer. Physically and emotionally, we try to keep it closed, but sometimes a random spatula gets caught and it refuses to shut. The junk drawer rarely makes it onto the feed, but everybody knows what it is because they can relate to it in some way.

Red wine isn’t subtle or set back, it’s vibrant and has impact. Red wine is imperfection. We need to embrace the red wine spilling of our lives, we should find enjoyment in opening the drawer. Having everything figured out sounds perfect, but ‘perfect’ isn’t a word that we can pour forever. And do we really want to?

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