To Evolve Is Magic

To evolve is magic,
to chop, change, embrace the journey.
But we are often told to avoid, to settle,
to sink our feet into the norm. Quicksand.

Now that you are here, you should just stay.
The person you will be tomorrow
is the one that you are today.

“Sorry” I say. “I am not built that way”
But I have exhausted my apologies,
they are rehearsed and false, I plan to evolve
over and over, while I still have a pulse.

Maybe you think it is being difficult, 
or maybe you find it strange, but I long
to be as free as the seasons for change.

This is the spring of my life,
tomorrow could bring the sun or the snow.
This is the magic of evolving — 
until tomorrow arrives, 
I will never really know.

By Fenella Fox


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