“So I Settle Into Stargazing Until He Drops Me Home…”

‘I wish there was a way that we could go back and see all the times that we crossed paths without knowing it’ I say to my boyfriend, in between latte sips, sitting in the passenger seat of his van and looking at one of the haunts we both used to visit.

I really do. I think I would like to have many superpowers, but to go back and measure the invisible string between us both really intrigues me. Not just with him, but with anybody. Imagine having the power to gain a new perspective, view parts of the moment that you weren’t focused on before, because you were so focused on the current moment at the time.

How many amazing things are we missing by zooming in on individual details in our lives? It’s as if there is an entire galaxy spinning around us, and our current situation is a single star. That one star is incredible, but when you look at an entire sky of them, it’s even more breathtaking.

The enormity of them working together to create a whole sky for you, without even knowing it. On a normal, every day scale, it’s all feels so beautifully ordinary but there’s complexities and miracles working behind the scenes. I believe the universe is always working to expand our sky, to draw our stars closer.

My latte would be gone cold before I could comprehend the infinities of our universe, so I settle into stargazing until he drops me home.

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