“Lose Your Glass Slipper Gals, Lose Your Mind In Maybe Loves At Midnight…”

I’m cuddled up with a white chocolate Baileys, watching Cinderella whilst Prince Charming naps beside me. My glass slippers – Penneys version of pink Converse – are thrown down beside the sofa, mucky and wet from playing football with the dog when today’s wild weather cooled off for half an hour or so.

I’m not wearing a tiara, I look more pumpkin than princess, I’m praying there’s no mice around that will start chatting to me, my carriage (Nissan Micra) has been abandoned at a weird angle because I’m so bad at parking, and I’m hoping Prince Charming will wake up soon so that he can top up my drink because I can’t be arsed to leave the cosy sofa vibes. It’s all so… contemporary fairytale.

Somehow, it all sparkles though. Without the castle and the ballroom, we’ve still managed to find the magic of these places through soft snores and near-empty wine glasses. The Disney classics never showed what followed after the credits started to roll, but I know from my own glass slippers transforming into memory foam ones, that the magic was only beginning at that point. The thing is, normality in true love really glistens – I always feel like I’m spinning around in Cinderella’s ballgown.

The butterflies can flutter without fear when they know it feels right. It’s so magic to finally be chosen, to finally be Cinderella. Lose your glass slipper gals, lose your mind in maybe loves at midnight, we all stumble onto our happily ever after eventually.

Update: I’m going to have to top up my own drink though. Absolute nightmare.

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