Rant Of The Week: Mistletoe And Cheap Wine

Ah, it’s that time of year again! The tree is up, the advent calendars ready to go, the pounds are piling on, and the realisation of how single you are begins to hit you. Especially when you ring the relatives in England on Christmas day – ‘No Nan, I don’t have a boyfriend yet, no I didn’t get any surprise kisses under mistletoe either…’

I can’t wait for Christmas, I can’t wait for the nights out that I always picture ending in romantic kisses in the snow with Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You playing in the background. Although, to be honest, it hardly ever snows, and the only Mistletoe issue I ever have is avoiding kisses from creepy men in my local late bar while doing the 12 pubs. Important reminder: Never wear a mistletoe hairband on a night out. Been there my friend…

I can assure you though, All I Want For Christmas Is You will more than likely start playing when the love of your life/guy who broke your heart walks into the room, but after the bottle of wine you drank at your friends house before you arrived the conversation will probably end up pretty similar to the fight in Fairytale Of New York and then you will try to seek comfort from a random person in the room who has no idea who you are…
I personally think Macaulay Culkin had it right all along, staying home for the Christmas season seems like a fabulous choice! 
We all know I don’t really mean all this though, Scrooge is one thing I most definitely am NOT! In fact, I bought a pair of knee-high Santa socks the other day. I still believe in Christmas miracles, so here’s to making the most of mistletoe, cheap wine and nights out with the girls! Someone press play on the music, Mariah hun I’ve missed you! Now where did I put that hairband?!

These Boots Are Made For Walking, But I’m Staying Beside The Fire!

Hello and happy Friday everybody! Are you all looking forward to the weekend? I think mine will be spent in a candy cane coma beside the fire! 🙂
I am so glad we’re now in the run up to Christmas and I cannot wait (for the dinner, obvs.) As some of you may already know, I am currently LOVING the over the knee boot trend and could not stop thinking about them… there’s no time for boy drama when this boot trend is in and constantly on my mind, so I’m on a male detox! Haha 
Anyway, I spent weeks showing my mum pictures of the boots and telling her how much I love them, and I guess she eventually got sick of me because she treated me to a fabbbbb pair from Penneys recently 🙂 They were only €28, a great price compared to some shops!
Snapchat: fenellafoxy

I was in the shop with her, for what must have seemed like four years in her head, trying on different colours and strutting my stuff in front of the fitting room mirror until we eventually settled on the wine colour 🙂 They also had brown and black so it was a difficult decision! I decided not to go for black because the ones I got were a block heel for everyday, so I’m hoping to eventually get a higher heel in black to wear on nights out, and funnily enough, I went in today and they had a black pair with a higher heel, so I might have to invest 🙂

Saying that though, I will definitely be wearing my wine ones on nights out too. They look gorgeous on and are SO comfy. They are also perfect for winter and as I stepped out of the car today, the rain started pouring and I was saying to my sister: ‘Nope, I refuse to ruin my boots, I can’t get out!’ but since I only dragged her into town so that I could wear my new boots I think she would have dragged me out of the car by the hair if I hadn’t gone willingly! Gotta love a bit of sisterly bonding, eh? Anyway, they got wet but dried surprisingly quickly and they aren’t dirty or ruined. Wooo!
I teamed mine with my new black polo neck I got in Penneys for €5 (they also had grey), a black bodycon skirt, tights, a faux fur collar coat which my mum bought in New York years ago, and a cute handbag that I’ve had for years. I was so cosy all day and just loved this outfit. I love polo necks these days, I think they look so cute but are also warm and comfy. I will definitely have to try the boots out with skinny jeans or a jumper dress soon 🙂 Was also really feeling ballerina vibes with my hair in a high bun!

I hope you all love my new blog design just as much as I do. As my blog is growing I realised the fox in the teacup with the pink colour and polka dots was no longer me and I wanted something more simple and edgy. So I am delighted with it now 🙂 
Did any of you find any good Black Friday deals? My sister and I just ended up coming home with a box of 52 candy canes, couldn’t resist them! Although, knowing us they will all be eaten watching I’m a Celeb later. I’m addicted, so much drama… you know things are bad when Yvette wants to leave, she was on bloody Most Haunted and was able to put up with the atmosphere!
Have a lovely weekend and you might see me out and about in my boots if I ever move from beside the fire! Very unlikely though, it’s bloody freezing lately! Bring on the snow, and Wham and Mariah Carey on the radio! I think we’re putting our tree up tonight, so I’m ready for you Christmas! 
Fe xx

10 Questions Girls Only Ask Their Best Friend

Us girls all have special ladies in our lives that we love dearly and choose to reveal our psycho side to. Whether you have one or seven, these girls always have your back no matter how crazy you may be at times. Here are 10 questions we only ask our best friend… and if you can’t relate to any of them, are you sure you’re really best friends?

1. Is one of my boobs bigger than the other or is it just me?
No seriously, look at them!

2. Is my nose all clear now that I’ve finished crying?
Are you sure? Double check!

3. Why did you let me talk to him last night?
Same time next weekend?

4. Will you go like my Facebook profiler? I just changed it 13 seconds ago…
Oh my god, no likes so far, this is SO embarrassing!

5. Can we creep on his ex-girlfriend off your Insta instead just in case I like something by accident?
You do it because I’m scared… BE CAREFUL!
6. Before I go and meet him does my breathe smell okay and do I have anything in my teeth?
No sign of lettuce from that panini I had earlier, no?
7. He said ‘Hey :)’ What should I say back without being too clingy and without him figuring out I’m in love with him?
Typical that you’re not checking your phone during this emergency…
8. Do you think I can get away with not shaving my legs tonight?
Feel them, but only rub downwards!

9. Can you please subtly tell him how pretty, fun and naturally hilarious I am?
Be too obvious and I will KILL you!
10. What pretend “group snap” can I send him to start a conversation?
But it can’t be flirty because I’m also gonna send it to his best friend just in case they’re together…

Rant Of The Week: Being An Overthinker

Now I don’t know about you, but I have never been the type of girl to think about something once and then let it go, I usually choose to go through the ins and outs of every detail of the problem 10 times, jump to ridiculous conclusions, make-up unrealistic scenarios in my head, rant to my mum, and then she then tries to force me to let it go. So yeah, I guess you could say I’m a bit of an overthinker! I think it could be because I love writing so my mind is constantly in overdrive, I find writing the best way to let go of the build up of thoughts and frustration.

Can anybody else just think themselves into a bad mood? Your day is going great and then suddenly a situation from the 19th of June 2011 pops back into your head and you’re back to square one. These moments of overthinking are usually the worst when you read back over old messages, look at old photos, or when sitting on the toilet on a night out after drinking a whole bottle of wine. That dramatic stare you do at the door while wondering where it all went wrong, until of course this brief moment of deep thought is interrupted by ‘Hurry up!’ or ‘Can you pass some toilet roll into the next cubicle please?’ Um excuse me, I was trying to figure out my plan of action for life there, but thanks for rudely interrupting.

Social media is a deadly place for us over-thinkers by providing us with deep quotes about life, access to other peoples Twitter favourites, and 200 second stories of something you didn’t want to see. Wow, I did not need to see that. Why did I creep? WHY? Okay, let me just double check those 200 seconds again because maybe at the eightieth second it wasn’t the back of a girls head after all. Oh, nope, it was, delightful.

Anyone else have a best friend who is also an over-thinker? I do, and we usually spend hours and hours sending each other screenshots trying to figure out the meaning of things. ‘Ew no, he doesn’t have feelings for her, the tone of the tweet was just not lovey dovey at all!’ Top investigators of 140 characters right there.

Is there even a way to stop over-thinking? Even if people tell you to stop you just continue to do it anyway. Oh well, I guess there’s nothing wrong with having an over-active imagination. 

Lipstick I’m Loving! Blush Liquid Lipstick Review

Hi girls! Recently the lovely ladies in Blush Make-Up and Nails in the Showgrounds Shopping Centre Clonmel gave me one of their gorgeous liquid lipsticks to try. I was very excited as I had heard great things about Blush, I was even at the launch night last year when they had one of my favourite bloggers Suzanne Jackson there, so if Suzanne loves Blush products I knew they would not disappoint!

The lipstick shade that I tried was uncorked and I LOVE it! A beautiful deep pink/redish colour. It is perfect for adding a pop of colour to an outfit and I personally think it is a lovely warm shade for autumn/winter. It has a lovely shine and is so vibrant. On the other hand, if you prefer a matte look, simply blot your lips and it still looks amazing. It’s one of those colours that will end up constantly having a spot in your handbag! Another great thing about it is that when you’re applying it the applicator bends so you don’t miss a spot and you don’t smudge it everywhere, which can be the case with other lipsticks, and lets face it, we can’t be dealing with those clown lips especially when throwing on our make-up in a hurry! Yay for no smudging!

Sometimes with lipsticks I have the issue that they can dry out your lips, but where this is liquid it adds a lot of moisture to your lips but without the horrible stickiness! There is also nothing worse than when your lipstick comes off as you’re drinking (I’m thinking of your nights out and much needed coffee in the morning, ladies) so as a devoted tea drinker I decided to test it out, and my lips looked no different than when I had first applied it! So it really lasts which is a very important feature to look for in a potential lipstick (you know, just like sense of humour when on the hunt for a potential boyfriend!)

Uncorked after blotting 🙂

The lipstick costs €18 and I would highly recommend it, there are lots of gorgeous shades to choose from in the shop or on www.blush.ie so you will definitely find a colour to suit you.

Uncorked when first applied 🙂

I will definitely be going back into Blush again soon, such lovely products and such helpful, friendly ladies. If you feel like being pampered or treating yourself this is the place to go. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what they’re up to 🙂  I can’t wait to try out more Blush products! Have any of you tried them before? 🙂 xx

When The Past Is Still The Present

Earlier in the week I posted a quote on my social media accounts about looking back on all the men you’ve ever liked and realising they were all assholes and wondering what on earth you were thinking. Now, altogether on all my social media accounts this got in and around 60 likes. Which means, 60 women were more than likely agreeing they have all had a crush on assholes before. Now, I have done the math and if we have all had a crush on at least three assholes in our lifetime then that means there are 180 f***boys out there running amok, (a TERRIFYING statistic may I add) unless of course a good few of these women have liked the same man which hopefully is the case and luckily this drops the amount of assholes to around 150 (I think, idk, I gave up on the math.)

Now I know many of you may be thinking what is this pointless mathematical equation about, well ladies, lets look at it like this, out of your three f***boys how many of them do you still check up on? How many of you still secretly hope your favourite heartbreaker out of the three will come back into your life as a changed man who is ready for a perfect relationship with you? Yeah, I thought so. How many of you judge all the new men you meet based on whether or not he resembles this soul crushing, love destroying idiot just because at some point in the past he fed you a few compliments that you play over in your head everyday? Yep, knew it.

So girls, I am just wondering, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING? Why are we so inclined to settle for less than we deserve? Why do we spend three days texting our bestfriend saying how much we hate him, how he ruined our life and moan about a desire for true love only to meet a sparkling new prince charming and let ourselves down by thinking “Yeah you’re nice and all, but you’re not the man who owned and stomped on my heart for a huge portion of my life and I’m kinda still hoping he is my soulmate to be honest, soz.” Thinking about it now, it is likely he will want to be yours again, once he’s run out of other women and realises you’re the only one stupid enough to put up with him. And you know him, you can be sure he will make his dramatic return and pull on your heart strings at a very bad time… like they usually do…

Well excuse me Mr Romantic for thinking that years of mind games, no replies, occasional drunken kisses and your 17 new girlfriends meant it WAS over. Look, unless one of your three assholes was Noah Calhoun or in anyway like Noah Calhoun (highly unlikely, lets be realistic because Noah wasn’t an asshole, in fact he was perf) then you should probably stick to your Lon Hammond (if you haven’t met him yet don’t worry, he’s still busy being messed around by the female equivalents of our idiots, he’ll get here eventually.)

All in favour of no longer being the girl he runs back to when he’s bored or feeling lonely?

Don’t worry, he’ll regret it once he realises how much you really cared about him, but by that stage you’ll be too busy with Lon Hammond to care!

Xpose Week Two: Penneys, Penneys, Penneys!

I think we have all established that I’m a Penneys girl at heart and my outfit on my second segment of Xpose’s Trend Tackler proved that. Even though it was unfortunately a thumbs down from me for that weeks trend, it was a definite thumbs up for my own outfit which I loved!

There is not much I can say about that outfit other than the fact that it was all from Penneys (Yes, even my underwear!) I love blanket capes and only bought this one recently, they have lots of capes in Penneys at the moment 🙂 The dress is a simple LBD which is off the shoulder with a sheer piece along the top. A perfect dress that can be dressed down for a daytime look, or glammed up for a night out. Would you believe it was only €10? :O And it is probably still available to buy right now! The shoes are my sisters (what else are sisters for, eh?) which she has had for quite a while.
I love this outfit so much that it turned out to be the exact same outfit I wore for my brothers birthday a few days later. Even though the dress is so fitted, it is a really nice material that hides everything, and you can never go wrong with black! I bought mine in my usual size 10.

Enjoy your trip to Penneys, ladies 😉 x

Rant Of The Week: Things To Live By

I found a Rant Of The Week was particularly difficult to come up with this week, not because there was nothing to rant about, but because there were such big issues to rant about that my tiny problems seemed very insignificant in comparison. Sometimes in life terrible events can really hit home, and as deeply saddening and heartbreaking as they are they can awaken something within us. We realise how short and unpredictable life is and it makes us look at our own life and how we want to live it. Here are just a few tiny details that I think are so important in life…

  • Appreciate everything – Whether it’s how cute your cat looks when asleep, the way your brother laughs at stupid things or the sound of the rain hitting off the window. 
  • Seize the day – Don’t spend it laying in bed, spend it doing the things you love and taking in the world around you. You never know what day could be your last. 
  • Spend time with people who love spending time with you – Life is too short to be wasted worrying about those who don’t care about you, so focus on the ones who do. Learn to let things go and move on to better, more positive things.
  • Be happy – Spend days smiling or laughing until your stomach hurts. Worrying won’t change anything, but smiling can easily make somebody else’s day without you even knowing it.
  • Always be yourself – Don’t sacrifice who you are or what you believe in just to fit in. Stay true to yourself and believe in yourself. You will be remembered by the ones who deserve to remember you.
  • Don’t fear falling in love – If it’s meant to be it will be and you’ll be glad you took the leap, and if it’s not meant to be then you will learn an important lesson along the way. 
  • Dream forever – Nobody can make your dreams a reality but you. Even if you get knocked down by the opinions of others, pick yourself up and you will come back even stronger. Dreams are the things that keep us going when current reality is testing us. 
Finally, my thoughts and prayers are with everybody in the world who are currently going through suffering and pain. In times like these, it is clear how strong we are when we all stand together. Sprinkle kindness everywhere and happiness will follow xx

The Tragedy Of Love Lost To Gaming

Hello everyone! Soooo I was sitting here this miserable evening struggling with a strong dose of writers block, but I was desperate to write something so needed help. Luckily, my lovely friend and fellow writer Aidan O’Sullivan came to the rescue by telling me all about a new game that just came out (don’t ask me for details because I really don’t know) and the way girlfriends now won’t get to see their boyfs until the novelty wears off! So, here I am with a great and very relatable blog post idea!

Am I the only girl here who only has time for SingStar and The Sims when it comes to the Xbox or PlayStation? What is it with men, they can pretend to be Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard over and over again for hours but the second we make ourself, him and our three imaginary children on the Sims we’re suddenly classed as crazy? Jeez! Here are some of the struggles we face on a daily basis when our other half (even though I don’t currently have one, awks) is lost to the world of gaming…

1. When he bonds with your brother over a game 
Don’t kiss me, I know very well you only came over to play two player with my brother! Don’t come crying to me when one of you moves on and leaves the other one heartbroken…

2. When the romance dies before the character in the game

We’ve only been dating for a month and you’re so engrossed in that Fifa game that you haven’t even noticed the sudocrem all over my face or the fact that I’m wearing a dinosaur onesie! WHERE IS THE ROMANCE PEOPLE?

3. When another gamer flirts with him

You want to get involved in the conversation but you know the best you’ve got is telling them you haven’t fed your Nintendog since 2006…

4. Trying to win his attention

  • *Sighs dramatically 15 times in a row* 
  • “Hey I shaved my legs wanna feel how smooth they are?” 
  • “I feel sick will you please make me tea? Pleeease?” 
  • “Look I already told you, I don’t know how I smashed the TV screen, the controller just randomly flew out of my hand?” 
  • “Hey that’s weird my ex boyfriend just liked my picture!” Oh, you’re still here after all, are you?
5. Romantic nights in with his best friend
Whether it’s to discuss weapons or the World Cup, you can be sure he’s lurking somewhere, online, on the phone, in the walls, coming down the chimney, or on a broomstick. Do you really think I lit candles and put on matching underwear for this?!

Xpose Week One: The Fashion And Beauty Details

Hey girls!
So the past few days I have been getting a lot of compliments about my make-up when I was on Xpose, and also many of you LOVED the jacket! So I decided to let you all know what I was wearing – clothes and beauty product wise 🙂 Enjoy! And if you have any more questions just let me know 🙂 

Top – One of my 7,000 plain strap tops!
Bodycon skirt – Penneys (had it for ages though) I love teaming those two simple things together because it almost gives the illusion of a LBD!
Jacket – TK Maxx. It was months ago so I don’t think it’s available to buy anymore, but if you love a fringed jacket, boohoo have a few at the moment, and I think some are on sale too! 🙂 
Boots – Penneys (again ages ago, sorry!) They have leopard print detail on the back which I think is so cute, I love leopard print. It’s very on trend this season so I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up something similar 🙂

Necklace – Penneys, every girl needs a chunky chain!

Handbag – Peacocks, I got this when I was in England back in September. 

I put my hair in heated rollers the night before because I love the soft, natural curl they give 🙂

Tan- Cocoa Brown.

Foundation – Estee Lauder Double Wear in Desert beige. W7 Catwalk Face Shaper.

Cheeks – No7 Pop & Glow Duo in Sunset Glow.

Powder – Dealz Make Up Gallery Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder in Natural Beige 2.

Bronzer – St. Moriz Bronzing Powder Golden Glow (My favourite beauty product at the moment, looove it!)

Eyebrows – Catrice Eyebrow Set.

Eyes – W7 10 Out Of 10 palette. I can’t find the name of the colours, so the bottom middle gold colour all over, and the sparkly black above it on the crease. Eyeliner – New Look Pure Colour dip eyeliner on the top lid and an Avon pencil along the bottom. Mascara – No7 Lovely Lashes (my fave!)

Lips – Essence 03 Dare To Wear, with a gloss over the top. This is my favourite red lipstick ever and it is SO affordable. Essence are definitely my favourite brand for lipsticks.

Sorry I didn’t get any really clear make-up selfies, you can see it better on TV 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed this post, and like I said before, any questions just let me know 🙂 xx
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