Rant Of The Week: Mourning Your Favourite TV Show

You know that feeling when you finish an amazing TV show that everyone told you for ages you needed to watch and it feels like you’ve just gone through a break-up or like your pet has just died? Yeah, I feel ya…
Here are the five stages of mourning a TV show!

1. Procrastination
Okay, I have two episodes left to watch, so I’ll start one and hope the internet connection goes halfway through so I can drag out the process… until of course all hope goes down the drain and you can’t resist finishing it.

2. Emotional rollercoaster
HOW can they end it like that? I don’t even fully understand that ending? Awww at least they finally ended up together though! Are they gonna make a movie? Would a movie kill it? I’d still watch it though. What do I do now? I wonder where my friends have been during this time period? Do my family even still live here? What year is it?

3. Denial
Nah, I know it’s been 10 years since the last episode but they HAVE to make another season eventually!

4. “That reminds me of the time when…”
No matter what you do, everything reminds you of your favourite show. You can’t escape the pain and it doesn’t help when other people bring it up…

5. Moving on
If you love something you have to let it go. Move onto something new, create new memories, learn new TV quotes, fall in love with different fictional characters.

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