The Fox Files Takes On Xpose and A Cosmopolitan!

Heyyyyy guys! and a special hello to all my new followers as I reached over 1,000 on Facebook recently, woohoo! I hope you will all enjoy having a giggle at all the unfortunate aspects of my life.

I just wanted to update you all on something VERY exciting. As many of you probably know from my social media accounts, yesterday I went up to Dublin to film with Xpose. I know right, me, the average girl who spends 23 hours a day plucking her eyebrows and the other hour eating or crying about nothing, I was in shock too! I had been teasing it on Snapchat (fenellafoxy) as I found out last minute and had to travel up to Dublin for it. I took part in their Trend Tackler panel and was absolutely delighted. Basically, myself and two other lovely ladies had to give our verdict on three fashion trends. These three parts will be shown over three different weeks so we needed three outfit changes. I think the first part is being aired on Monday, but I will keep you all updated 🙂

Well, I had SO much fun! We all know how much I love fashion anyway so actually being there was surreal and an amazing experience. Am I dreaming? I stayed up until about 1am the night before trying to choose just three outfits out of all the clothes I had squeezed into a giant suitcase. So as you’ve probably guessed, my whole wardrobe had a little holiday in Dublin for the night. Do I go dressy? Do I go casual? Did I bring my strapless bra? Will these jeans even zip up after that huge burger in Captain Americas? I’m sure you can all imagine my struggles…

Being completely honest, I felt sick with nerves arriving to the place where we filmed. Don’t get me wrong though, it was those excited nerves that take over your whole body whenever something amazing happens. I had to be there at 10am and at 9:50 I reapplied my red lippie and waved goodbye to my mum (who was just as nervous as me may I add!) in a little French style cafe. I’m not going to lie and say I was completely fine, it felt like my first day of school all over again! However, as I got outside the door I took a deep breath, looked around at the buzzing city I was in and was hit with a boost of confidence when I actually realised I was all dressed up and about to go on Xpose. Eeek! So off I went ready to take on the world 🙂

It was absolutely amazing when I got inside, everybody was so friendly and I really felt like this is the type of atmosphere I belong in. Of course, things briefly changed when I had the Xpose camera staring me in the face for the first time. I did what any average girl would do, went totally blank, froze and tried to resist the urge to look directly at the camera…I think the sentence ‘My name is Fenella Fox’ actually turned into ‘My name is Feblahblahblah.’ Yes, slightly unfortunate, but very true. So if any of you are watching me for the first time on Monday and think I look a bit flustered at the beginning, just remember that’s because I was. I thought I was going to do a Gillian McKeith and faint with utter excitement. Morto!

And if on the off chance any of you think my opening is great, then Xpose must have superb editing skills! After this moment of “OH MY GOD I AM ON XPOSE” I feel like my heart and mind settled and I felt a lot more calm and comfortable. I love giving my opinion on clothes, so I was absolutely in my element and so so grateful to be able to do that on such an amazing television programme. I think it’s okay that my mind went blank at first, we all have to start somewhere, eh?

I had only found out about it the Monday before, so between that time and Friday I tried to keep it as quiet as possible just in case I jinxed it and it didn’t end up happening. Writing this now back home I am smiling thinking about it because it did happen, I was there, I met some of the amazing Xpose crew, I am going to be on TV doing one of the things I love most, AND I got to have my first ever Cosmopolitan when I went out for food the night before (It was rotten by the way, the happy face below is a fake, all I could taste was the vodka, this is the first time Carrie Bradshaw has ever let me down…) but anyway, at least I finally got to try it to see what all the fuss is about!

I hope you all enjoy watching me on the show (I’ll be listening to it with my face hidden in a cushion because I can’t cope with the pressure haha.) And as cheesy as it may sound, never give up on your dreams, my determination even when people doubted the chances of my blog getting anywhere resulted in me being the tongue tied girl on Xpose’s Trend Tackler segment, and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of myself 🙂

I can’t wait for more exciting adventures! Have a lovely weekend everybody 🙂 xxx

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