These Boots Are Made For Walking, But I’m Staying Beside The Fire!

Hello and happy Friday everybody! Are you all looking forward to the weekend? I think mine will be spent in a candy cane coma beside the fire! 🙂
I am so glad we’re now in the run up to Christmas and I cannot wait (for the dinner, obvs.) As some of you may already know, I am currently LOVING the over the knee boot trend and could not stop thinking about them… there’s no time for boy drama when this boot trend is in and constantly on my mind, so I’m on a male detox! Haha 
Anyway, I spent weeks showing my mum pictures of the boots and telling her how much I love them, and I guess she eventually got sick of me because she treated me to a fabbbbb pair from Penneys recently 🙂 They were only €28, a great price compared to some shops!
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I was in the shop with her, for what must have seemed like four years in her head, trying on different colours and strutting my stuff in front of the fitting room mirror until we eventually settled on the wine colour 🙂 They also had brown and black so it was a difficult decision! I decided not to go for black because the ones I got were a block heel for everyday, so I’m hoping to eventually get a higher heel in black to wear on nights out, and funnily enough, I went in today and they had a black pair with a higher heel, so I might have to invest 🙂

Saying that though, I will definitely be wearing my wine ones on nights out too. They look gorgeous on and are SO comfy. They are also perfect for winter and as I stepped out of the car today, the rain started pouring and I was saying to my sister: ‘Nope, I refuse to ruin my boots, I can’t get out!’ but since I only dragged her into town so that I could wear my new boots I think she would have dragged me out of the car by the hair if I hadn’t gone willingly! Gotta love a bit of sisterly bonding, eh? Anyway, they got wet but dried surprisingly quickly and they aren’t dirty or ruined. Wooo!
I teamed mine with my new black polo neck I got in Penneys for €5 (they also had grey), a black bodycon skirt, tights, a faux fur collar coat which my mum bought in New York years ago, and a cute handbag that I’ve had for years. I was so cosy all day and just loved this outfit. I love polo necks these days, I think they look so cute but are also warm and comfy. I will definitely have to try the boots out with skinny jeans or a jumper dress soon 🙂 Was also really feeling ballerina vibes with my hair in a high bun!

I hope you all love my new blog design just as much as I do. As my blog is growing I realised the fox in the teacup with the pink colour and polka dots was no longer me and I wanted something more simple and edgy. So I am delighted with it now 🙂 
Did any of you find any good Black Friday deals? My sister and I just ended up coming home with a box of 52 candy canes, couldn’t resist them! Although, knowing us they will all be eaten watching I’m a Celeb later. I’m addicted, so much drama… you know things are bad when Yvette wants to leave, she was on bloody Most Haunted and was able to put up with the atmosphere!
Have a lovely weekend and you might see me out and about in my boots if I ever move from beside the fire! Very unlikely though, it’s bloody freezing lately! Bring on the snow, and Wham and Mariah Carey on the radio! I think we’re putting our tree up tonight, so I’m ready for you Christmas! 
Fe xx

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