Rant Of The Week: Things To Live By

I found a Rant Of The Week was particularly difficult to come up with this week, not because there was nothing to rant about, but because there were such big issues to rant about that my tiny problems seemed very insignificant in comparison. Sometimes in life terrible events can really hit home, and as deeply saddening and heartbreaking as they are they can awaken something within us. We realise how short and unpredictable life is and it makes us look at our own life and how we want to live it. Here are just a few tiny details that I think are so important in life…

  • Appreciate everything – Whether it’s how cute your cat looks when asleep, the way your brother laughs at stupid things or the sound of the rain hitting off the window. 
  • Seize the day – Don’t spend it laying in bed, spend it doing the things you love and taking in the world around you. You never know what day could be your last. 
  • Spend time with people who love spending time with you – Life is too short to be wasted worrying about those who don’t care about you, so focus on the ones who do. Learn to let things go and move on to better, more positive things.
  • Be happy – Spend days smiling or laughing until your stomach hurts. Worrying won’t change anything, but smiling can easily make somebody else’s day without you even knowing it.
  • Always be yourself – Don’t sacrifice who you are or what you believe in just to fit in. Stay true to yourself and believe in yourself. You will be remembered by the ones who deserve to remember you.
  • Don’t fear falling in love – If it’s meant to be it will be and you’ll be glad you took the leap, and if it’s not meant to be then you will learn an important lesson along the way. 
  • Dream forever – Nobody can make your dreams a reality but you. Even if you get knocked down by the opinions of others, pick yourself up and you will come back even stronger. Dreams are the things that keep us going when current reality is testing us. 
Finally, my thoughts and prayers are with everybody in the world who are currently going through suffering and pain. In times like these, it is clear how strong we are when we all stand together. Sprinkle kindness everywhere and happiness will follow xx

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