Rant Of The Week: Mistletoe And Cheap Wine

Ah, it’s that time of year again! The tree is up, the advent calendars ready to go, the pounds are piling on, and the realisation of how single you are begins to hit you. Especially when you ring the relatives in England on Christmas day – ‘No Nan, I don’t have a boyfriend yet, no I didn’t get any surprise kisses under mistletoe either…’

I can’t wait for Christmas, I can’t wait for the nights out that I always picture ending in romantic kisses in the snow with Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You playing in the background. Although, to be honest, it hardly ever snows, and the only Mistletoe issue I ever have is avoiding kisses from creepy men in my local late bar while doing the 12 pubs. Important reminder: Never wear a mistletoe hairband on a night out. Been there my friend…

I can assure you though, All I Want For Christmas Is You will more than likely start playing when the love of your life/guy who broke your heart walks into the room, but after the bottle of wine you drank at your friends house before you arrived the conversation will probably end up pretty similar to the fight in Fairytale Of New York and then you will try to seek comfort from a random person in the room who has no idea who you are…
I personally think Macaulay Culkin had it right all along, staying home for the Christmas season seems like a fabulous choice! 
We all know I don’t really mean all this though, Scrooge is one thing I most definitely am NOT! In fact, I bought a pair of knee-high Santa socks the other day. I still believe in Christmas miracles, so here’s to making the most of mistletoe, cheap wine and nights out with the girls! Someone press play on the music, Mariah hun I’ve missed you! Now where did I put that hairband?!

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