Rant Of The Week: Being An Overthinker

Now I don’t know about you, but I have never been the type of girl to think about something once and then let it go, I usually choose to go through the ins and outs of every detail of the problem 10 times, jump to ridiculous conclusions, make-up unrealistic scenarios in my head, rant to my mum, and then she then tries to force me to let it go. So yeah, I guess you could say I’m a bit of an overthinker! I think it could be because I love writing so my mind is constantly in overdrive, I find writing the best way to let go of the build up of thoughts and frustration.

Can anybody else just think themselves into a bad mood? Your day is going great and then suddenly a situation from the 19th of June 2011 pops back into your head and you’re back to square one. These moments of overthinking are usually the worst when you read back over old messages, look at old photos, or when sitting on the toilet on a night out after drinking a whole bottle of wine. That dramatic stare you do at the door while wondering where it all went wrong, until of course this brief moment of deep thought is interrupted by ‘Hurry up!’ or ‘Can you pass some toilet roll into the next cubicle please?’ Um excuse me, I was trying to figure out my plan of action for life there, but thanks for rudely interrupting.

Social media is a deadly place for us over-thinkers by providing us with deep quotes about life, access to other peoples Twitter favourites, and 200 second stories of something you didn’t want to see. Wow, I did not need to see that. Why did I creep? WHY? Okay, let me just double check those 200 seconds again because maybe at the eightieth second it wasn’t the back of a girls head after all. Oh, nope, it was, delightful.

Anyone else have a best friend who is also an over-thinker? I do, and we usually spend hours and hours sending each other screenshots trying to figure out the meaning of things. ‘Ew no, he doesn’t have feelings for her, the tone of the tweet was just not lovey dovey at all!’ Top investigators of 140 characters right there.

Is there even a way to stop over-thinking? Even if people tell you to stop you just continue to do it anyway. Oh well, I guess there’s nothing wrong with having an over-active imagination. 

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