MyLadyBug: Ireland’s First Period Subscription Box

Periods are one of the greatest struggles in the lives of females (it’s pretty up there with him not texting you back and constantly losing your hair bobbins.) For some of you lucky ladies your period may be a breeze, but for many of us it seems like we’ve done something to seriously upset Mother Nature. I don’t know what’s worse, not being able to wear your new white dress that particular weekend when your period arrives early unexpectedly, or waking up to find you’ve leaked in your sleep (I think we’ve all been there.) If this isn’t bad enough so many people are afraid to talk about it, I know if my dad and brother hear the word ‘period’ or ‘tampon’ they’re on the next flight out of the country! Does our period really have to be a subject that we dare not talk about? No, of course not, it’s a completely natural thing happening to every woman everywhere.

I have had terrible times with my period, and even though it’s not as heavy and painful as it used to be, I still prefer the other parts of the month. We have all been through it, we’ve all asked ‘is the back of my skirt okay?’ to our friends on nights out when we’re feeling self-conscious in our fitted outfit, and we’ve all gone through the dreaded tampon fear for the first time in our teenage years with our sister outside the bathroom door offering her advice and support while you wonder what on earth you are expected to do with this new and, at first, rather frightening contraption…

I feel like are a gift from the heavens to us lovely ladies to help make this stressful time a lot less hassle by promising ‘One Less Headache Next Month’. With this subscription box, your period essentials are delivered straight to your door monthly, meaning there’s no need to ruin your romantic date with your cat, your tears and Ryan Gosling to rush to the shop. It is so easy to use, you simply go through a number of steps to choose your package. You can choose whether you want tampons and/or pads, choose your brand, choose your plan, and if this isn’t handy enough, it also includes our favourite bits and pieces – tea and chocolate of course! I also got samples and a voucher for €3 off Cleanmarine Krill Oil which has been proven to reduce PMS symptoms naturally. This box is a godsend for boyfriends worldwide, eh?

At this stage you’re probably curious about all the details to get you started. Well, MyLadyBug only costs €9.99 a month and subscriptions are dispatched monthly on the 19-21st. Delivery takes up to 5 days and re-billing is the 31st or 1st after you receive your first box.

The lovely people at MyLadyBug have also given me a discount code to share with you guys. All you must do is click here and enter “FOXBLOG” at the checkout to get a 15% discount off your first order 🙂

My tampons came in this adorable little bag, perfect for your handbag!

If all this news wasn’t great enough, they currently have a competition running for the launch of their new partnership with brand Veeda which make 100% organic cotton pads and tampons and promise us ‘No Synthetics. No Chemicals. No Dyes. PERIOD.’ The products are now live and you can click here to check out the fab competition 🙂

Is it possible that I’m actually looking forward to my period after receiving my package full of goodies? Now off I go to share the news with females far and wide (not sharing any of the chocolate though, soz.)  Long gone are the days of asking random girls for a spare tampon or pad, we’re all set!

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