Lipstick I’m Loving! Blush Liquid Lipstick Review

Hi girls! Recently the lovely ladies in Blush Make-Up and Nails in the Showgrounds Shopping Centre Clonmel gave me one of their gorgeous liquid lipsticks to try. I was very excited as I had heard great things about Blush, I was even at the launch night last year when they had one of my favourite bloggers Suzanne Jackson there, so if Suzanne loves Blush products I knew they would not disappoint!

The lipstick shade that I tried was uncorked and I LOVE it! A beautiful deep pink/redish colour. It is perfect for adding a pop of colour to an outfit and I personally think it is a lovely warm shade for autumn/winter. It has a lovely shine and is so vibrant. On the other hand, if you prefer a matte look, simply blot your lips and it still looks amazing. It’s one of those colours that will end up constantly having a spot in your handbag! Another great thing about it is that when you’re applying it the applicator bends so you don’t miss a spot and you don’t smudge it everywhere, which can be the case with other lipsticks, and lets face it, we can’t be dealing with those clown lips especially when throwing on our make-up in a hurry! Yay for no smudging!

Sometimes with lipsticks I have the issue that they can dry out your lips, but where this is liquid it adds a lot of moisture to your lips but without the horrible stickiness! There is also nothing worse than when your lipstick comes off as you’re drinking (I’m thinking of your nights out and much needed coffee in the morning, ladies) so as a devoted tea drinker I decided to test it out, and my lips looked no different than when I had first applied it! So it really lasts which is a very important feature to look for in a potential lipstick (you know, just like sense of humour when on the hunt for a potential boyfriend!)

Uncorked after blotting 🙂

The lipstick costs €18 and I would highly recommend it, there are lots of gorgeous shades to choose from in the shop or on so you will definitely find a colour to suit you.

Uncorked when first applied 🙂

I will definitely be going back into Blush again soon, such lovely products and such helpful, friendly ladies. If you feel like being pampered or treating yourself this is the place to go. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what they’re up to 🙂  I can’t wait to try out more Blush products! Have any of you tried them before? 🙂 xx

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