10 Questions Girls Only Ask Their Best Friend

Us girls all have special ladies in our lives that we love dearly and choose to reveal our psycho side to. Whether you have one or seven, these girls always have your back no matter how crazy you may be at times. Here are 10 questions we only ask our best friend… and if you can’t relate to any of them, are you sure you’re really best friends?

1. Is one of my boobs bigger than the other or is it just me?
No seriously, look at them!

2. Is my nose all clear now that I’ve finished crying?
Are you sure? Double check!

3. Why did you let me talk to him last night?
Same time next weekend?

4. Will you go like my Facebook profiler? I just changed it 13 seconds ago…
Oh my god, no likes so far, this is SO embarrassing!

5. Can we creep on his ex-girlfriend off your Insta instead just in case I like something by accident?
You do it because I’m scared… BE CAREFUL!
6. Before I go and meet him does my breathe smell okay and do I have anything in my teeth?
No sign of lettuce from that panini I had earlier, no?
7. He said ‘Hey :)’ What should I say back without being too clingy and without him figuring out I’m in love with him?
Typical that you’re not checking your phone during this emergency…
8. Do you think I can get away with not shaving my legs tonight?
Feel them, but only rub downwards!

9. Can you please subtly tell him how pretty, fun and naturally hilarious I am?
Be too obvious and I will KILL you!
10. What pretend “group snap” can I send him to start a conversation?
But it can’t be flirty because I’m also gonna send it to his best friend just in case they’re together…

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