The Tragedy Of Love Lost To Gaming

Hello everyone! Soooo I was sitting here this miserable evening struggling with a strong dose of writers block, but I was desperate to write something so needed help. Luckily, my lovely friend and fellow writer Aidan O’Sullivan came to the rescue by telling me all about a new game that just came out (don’t ask me for details because I really don’t know) and the way girlfriends now won’t get to see their boyfs until the novelty wears off! So, here I am with a great and very relatable blog post idea!

Am I the only girl here who only has time for SingStar and The Sims when it comes to the Xbox or PlayStation? What is it with men, they can pretend to be Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard over and over again for hours but the second we make ourself, him and our three imaginary children on the Sims we’re suddenly classed as crazy? Jeez! Here are some of the struggles we face on a daily basis when our other half (even though I don’t currently have one, awks) is lost to the world of gaming…

1. When he bonds with your brother over a game 
Don’t kiss me, I know very well you only came over to play two player with my brother! Don’t come crying to me when one of you moves on and leaves the other one heartbroken…

2. When the romance dies before the character in the game

We’ve only been dating for a month and you’re so engrossed in that Fifa game that you haven’t even noticed the sudocrem all over my face or the fact that I’m wearing a dinosaur onesie! WHERE IS THE ROMANCE PEOPLE?

3. When another gamer flirts with him

You want to get involved in the conversation but you know the best you’ve got is telling them you haven’t fed your Nintendog since 2006…

4. Trying to win his attention

  • *Sighs dramatically 15 times in a row* 
  • “Hey I shaved my legs wanna feel how smooth they are?” 
  • “I feel sick will you please make me tea? Pleeease?” 
  • “Look I already told you, I don’t know how I smashed the TV screen, the controller just randomly flew out of my hand?” 
  • “Hey that’s weird my ex boyfriend just liked my picture!” Oh, you’re still here after all, are you?
5. Romantic nights in with his best friend
Whether it’s to discuss weapons or the World Cup, you can be sure he’s lurking somewhere, online, on the phone, in the walls, coming down the chimney, or on a broomstick. Do you really think I lit candles and put on matching underwear for this?!

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