Dear 15-Year-Old Me

As 2016 is pretty much here and I am just days away from saying goodbye to my teens for good (eeek, so scary!) I decided to reflect on the past few years of my life and all the things I have learned along the way. I am aware that many of you guys, my readers are teenagers so I decided to offer you advice now. These are all the things I have become wise about over the years and don’t worry, many of them I learned the hard way and because of endless lectures from my mum! Life is full of ups and downs but it’s all part of the adventure πŸ™‚

Dear 15-year-old me and all my readers,

1. Secondary School isn’t real life but I’m hoping Sex and the City is!
Remember that “popular” group you couldn’t stand? That girl that was mean to you? Your Irish teacher you were terrified of? Nah, neither can I. At the time it seems like everything, but trust me, I couldn’t tell you what half of those people are doing now. School doesn’t last forever and if people think it does they are going to get a serious wake up call when they come in contact with the real world. Be you, do you and don’t worry about what other people think because the negative ones won’t be in your future! School isn’t ideal, but your future can be.

2. Don’t become trapped
If you feel you’re in a relationship that doesn’t feel right, leave. Whether it’s friendship or a romantic relationship, it should make you feel happy and secure. Don’t worry about ‘Oh god does this make things awkward for everybody around us?’ and end up putting up with them for the sake of everybody else. If they make you unhappy, you will become unhappy in yourself which will be worse in the long run. I’ve learned that not everybody is supposed to be in your story forever, some people are just small chapters that teach you a much bigger lesson. So unfollow them on Facebook, delete them on Snapchat, stop dwelling on the coulda, woulda, shoulda and just move on.

3. Get off that bloody fence!
If you’re constantly wondering where you stand and if he likes you then the truth is, he doesn’t deserve you anyway. No matter how many times you defend him and his actions that hurt you, he still won’t fully want you. A real man makes you a priority and will chase you until he gets you, you won’t have to wonder if he likes you and only have him come running when you start moving on! And trust me, I know that hurts, but learn from my mistakes because I’m only truly realising it this year. There is nothing wrong with you, you are absolutely beautiful and amazing and if he doesn’t realise that then it’s his loss and save that beauty for the deserving man who will!

4. You are fabbity fab
In a huge world of social media, supermodels and societies idea of perfection, you can sometimes lose yourself for a little bit. Just because you don’t look exactly like a Kardashian, doesn’t mean you can’t take the world by storm like they have! There is only one you so find yourself, cherish yourself, praise yourself and show the world everything amazing that YOU have to offer.

5. Do what YOU love!
For some reason, as humans we seem to take negative comments on board more than positive ones. I love blogging, writing and making YouTube videos but I have had to deal with people knocking me. I’ve had a guy making fun of one of my videos on Facebook and I’ve had nasty comments written about me on Twitter. I’m not going to lie, some of this actually pushed me to tears at first but then I meet girls out who get excited about meeting me and tell me how much they love my blog which is amazing and I then realised that for every person that hates you there are 10 more that love you… and hey, all press is good press!

6. Trust your gut feeling
Bad vibes? Good vibes? Trust them. I 100% believe in my gut feeling and the majority of the time I can immediately tell what I think of a person or situation from the vibes that I get. Everything happens for a reason and only you truly know what you want in life so listen to what you’re telling yourself.

7. Follow your dreams
I don’t mean this lightly. Pretend your dreams are a boy you like and channel that determination. Text them, get your friends to help you get them, think about them constantly, never give up, give it your all! Even if the boy chases don’t always go to plan, dreams do if you want them badly enough! Get off your bum right now and do it, you never know what magic could happen until you try.

8. It isn’t about fashion, it’s all about style
Your personal style is a way of showing the world who you are with simply a glance. Wear what you want and you are already on the road to self-confidence. I once had a guy tell me he didn’t like my new outfit, so what did I do? I wore that outfit and I worked that outfit! My wardrobe, my world.

9. Stop overthinking, worrying, and jumping to conclusions
It leads to madness I tell you, MADNESS! But guess what? It won’t change a thing!

10. Be kind, be true, be remembered
A pretty face means nothing when it’s disguising an ugly heart. Even if people are unkind to you, rise above it. Pray to the angels to help them because it’s them who needs the help, not you. Don’t be a push over, stand up for what you believe in, but you can do this while being kind, because a caring heart will always be remembered for all the right reasons.

I hope all this helped and hopefully you readers will take it on board because soon to be 20-year-old me is now laughing at 15-year-old me… we’re here, we made it, things go wrong but life goes on!

Lots of love,
Soon to be 20-year-old me xx

P.S. You’re still not too old to believe in fairytales and probably never will be because you’ll need that belief to achieve point number 7! Make the most of your youth while you have it though because you only get it once so it’s okay to have a young head and a wild heart πŸ™‚

Rant Of The Week: The Glitz And Glamour Of Christmas Nights Out

Are Christmas nights out really as glamorous as we think? Or do we all just drag the sequins, high heels and faux-fur out of our wardrobes to distract from the ever growing Quality Street belly, pickled onion breath and turkey sandwich thighs? Looking around on St. Stephens night I noticed the pub was full of beautiful, dolled-up girls. I myself was even in a gold sequin dress with a bold pink lippie. However, in the eyes of the people around us we may appear to be perfect sparkling masterpieces, but in reality, this is all false.

For me, my biggest concern on the night was my hair. What started out as a big, bouncy mass of flirty curls turned into a big, ratty, tangled, mass of frizz. I stared around me and thought about the various girls: ‘Aww her hair looks so pretty! Her hair looks so flawless! Her hair ALWAYS looks that good!’ I then complained about my own hair to my best friend who told me ‘You can’t even notice!’ So, how many things do we really not notice?

When you feel insecure, other people still think you look nice because they’re all caught up in their own insecurities.
For example, when other people looked at me I’m sure all they saw was…

  • A gold dress.
  • Black heels.
  • A black clutch.
  • Pink lipstick.
  • Big hair. 

    Simple. However, in reality, my idea of the outfit was completely different…

  • I had spent the past week trying on all the dresses in my wardrobe with Spanx trying to decide which one sucked in my Christmas jelly belly the most.
  • When the night finally arrived I kind of wanted to stay in and read my Kim K book in my fluffy pyjamas while eating dried banana.
  • I had a melt down before I left the house because my fringe looked like someone had ironed it onto my scalp. Can’t cope.
  • My spots could not be properly covered and it looked like World War 3 had broken out on my chin.
  • My lipstick kept smudging everywhere and all over my teeth (even on my nose at one point, don’t even ask.) 
  • Trying to squeeze into the dress proved to be a bit of a struggle because I had eaten about fifty tins of chocolates within the space of 24 hours.
  • I couldn’t decide which jewellery or jacket to wear.
  • I realised parts of my legs were still hairy.
  • My tan was fairly dodgy.
  • I had tissue stuffed in my new shoes to make them fit better but still couldn’t walk in them properly anyway and was in complete and utter pain for the whole night.
  • I was completely over paranoid about my knicker line.
  • Nip-slip was a very likely scenario.
  • I really wanted a new Facebook profiler.
  • Don’t even get me started on the battle I had with my eyeliner.
Now, are Christmas nights out really built from natural perfection? Absolutely bloody not – they are built from Spanx, tears and backcombing fails. Perfection isn’t real, but determination is. Trust me, there’s a reason fancy nights out only happen once a year, the preparation time and emotional stress is not an easy task. So, to all my fellow girls who still wear a smile, brave the heels and go out and strut their stuff with confidence despite everything that happened in the previous few (or you know, like 36) hours, I salute you!

Rant Of The Week: The 12 Loves Of Christmas

Last night I had great fun, I went out with friends and did the 12 pubs of Christmas. Well, in my case it was only the one pub because my bank account couldn’t afford the other 11, and well, you know, I was afraid I might die. By pub three I can assure you it would have been ‘Don’t wait around for me guys, go on without me, but don’t forget to tell my family I love them… ‘ as I casually slide off the bar stool and become a drunken mass of Christmas jumper and mistletoe on the floor. So no, on this particular night I decided to be sensible and my dads reaction of ‘Waheeeey, no tears!’ when he collected me at the end of the night proved that sensibility (I’m a crier.)

However, as I was sober and no longer the one crying, as the night progressed I asked myself, how many broken hearts are there in this room being disguised by a Christmas jumper? How many girls are hoping for their one love of Christmas while doing the twelve pubs of Christmas? There was the girl shouting at a guy as I got out of the car, there was the girl with mascara running down her face in the pub, and as I walked to get food at the end of the night there was the girl saying ‘I can’t believe he would do that after texting me all that stuff the other day.’ At some point, I have been all three of those girls. I have shouted my feelings in the face of ignorance, I have cried the same old tears over and over again, and I have asked myself ‘why would he do that?’ and still continue to ask myself whether it’s weeks or months later. We, the members of the female species have all been there. So, does a drunken mind speak a sober heart? Does alcohol express what we really need to say, or is it just speaking the words that really should remain unspoken? When I’m drunk I tend to say all the things I later regret saying, and when I’m not drunk there are so many things I want to say but can’t bring myself to say them. So, is vodka a helping hand or a curse?

As cheesy as it sounds, love really fills every room we ever walk into. Whether it’s happy love, bitter love, unrequited love, unspoken love, past love – the list is endless. I noticed that there was more than 12 loves of Christmas at the 12 pubs of Christmas, but everyone is absorbed in just one – no matter how frustratingly confusing, up and down, or logic and sense destroying that love may be. Ah, the joys of romance and tequila!

Five Times Beauty Fails Us

Being done up is a lovely feeling, however, getting done up is a whole different story. No matter what though, the tears, tantrums, anger and worry is always worth it for the sake of a new Facebook profiler…

Here are some relatable moments that we all go through while trying to transform ourselves!

1. Eyelash tantrums
‘I can’t do it, they won’t stick on, the corner keeps popping off, now my eye make-up is rubbing off, he doesn’t love me, I have jiggly thighs, I’m so poor, we’re going to be late. I’M JUST NOT GOING ANYMORE.’

2. When you don’t look like Adele
It’s a very stressful time alright, my personal motto during this frustration is: If you can’t wing the eyeliner, bin the eyeliner.

3. Hair on the back of your legs
Not going to go away no matter how many times I go over you with the razor, nah? You could film I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here back there…

4. The terrible tan
‘Is your face supposed to be a different colour to your body? And can anyone smell cat pee?’

5. The realisation of celebrity myths and legends
Are all girls expected to be able to contour like Kim, have lips like Kylie and look as smokin’ hot as Khloe on the cover of Complex? Yeaaaah, unfortunately I wouldn’t even make the cut for KUWTK season one…

Beauty On A Budget: Stocking Fillers For Beauty Lovers

We all know how expensive Christmas can be – Do I spend this forty euro on a dress for St. Stephen’s night or just invest in a few boxes of Roses and go into a food coma instead? The struggle is real! However, if you have a friend/sister/mother/daughter who is a huge lover of beauty products, you don’t need to break the bank! It’s time to start hinting to Santa’s elves, ladies, because these are my stocking filler ideas for beauty lovers πŸ™‚

Essence lipsticks
I cannot stress enough how much I love Essence. Their products are available in Penneys and pharmacies nationwide and are a must have for Christmas. I am in love with their lipsticks because there are so many shades available, they don’t dry out your lips and they are cheap and cheerful! I always use them. They are perfect if you have a teenage daughter finding her feet in the world of beauty because you will be able to buy her a few for the price of one expensive lipstick. And trust me, it’s totally worth it, such great quality… I love them!

Make Up Gallery Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder
You aren’t going to believe me when I say I bought this for only €1.49, but it’s the truth! This is my go to powder and doesn’t make me want to look in my purse and cry after purchasing. I can’t wait to try all of Dealz other make-up products, I am very impressed so far.

Batiste Plumping Powder
Okay, so I know you’re probably all sick of me going on about this stuff I refer to as fairy dust, but I promise you, you will be thanking me later. You simply sprinkle it on your hair and it creates volume, so no more backcombing hassle. I have seen other brands for around €30 euro, but I bought mine in Penneys for around the €4 mark and usually stock up. I actually tried the more expensive one to test it, but I didn’t find it as good as Batiste. My mum is a hairdresser and uses it in her salon and we LOVE it. Plumping powder is a must have in the Fox household!

Penneys Make-up Brushes
I was dying to try these from the moment I heard they came out. I finally bought one for my eyes and love it. For €1.50 you would be crazy not to grab a few, has Penneys ever let us down before? I think not! Just think how pricey other make-up brushes can be, it’s mad. I have not tried the others in the Penneys range yet so cannot recommend them but I definitely will be trying them as I’m sure they’re great. I love my one for the eyes as I can blend with the bigger end and I use the smaller to apply eyeshadow as eyeliner, I love it πŸ™‚

Penneys Make-up Fixing Spray
Even as a blogger and lover of make-up, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I can afford loads of expensive make-up because that would be a complete lie, I’m constantly bargain hunting! I cannot express how excited I was the time I was strolling out of Penneys and a bottle of Make-Up Fixing Spray caught my eye. I had never had one of these before so headed up to the till with this instantly. I honestly find it really good for setting my make-up and it only cost €2.50.

Catrice Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation
I am such a foundation hopper these days, I can’t help myself. I always use Estee Lauder Double Wear for going out but for everyday use I need something a little more natural and affordable. I was using No7 Stay Perfect which I loved, but then I ran out so decided to give another affordable brand a go – Catrice! I bought their Even Skin Tone Foundation for around the €8 mark and am really loving it. I am so pale so I find it hard to find a natural looking foundation to match my skin tone. I must say though, after buying it, I am really impressed. It has really nice coverage (goodbye dark circles) and doesn’t make me look orange. Such a gorgeous product for a natural, flawless finish!

Okay girls, I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I can see how all this beauty product shopping is going to end…

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas for Christmas πŸ™‚ Now it’s time to start shopping, or dropping hints! 

Rant Of The Week: Sleepless Outside Seattle

After spending a lazy Sunday watching films, one struck a chord with me more than the others. This film was Sleepless In Seattle, a movie being all about love and signs. Due to this, I am now here at 12:30am, being very sleepless, outside of Seattle, believing watching that movie tonight was a sign in itself. I have known about this film for years and had seen it in bits and pieces over the years, but I had never sat down and properly watched (or totally over analysed) it until tonight. For any girl that is a complete hopeless romantic like me, you need to get your best friend over and watch this film. Right now. In this film, the lead female character’s friend tells her: ‘You don’t want to be in love, you want to be in love in a movie.’ And well, ladies, I am here to tell you that that is the most accurate description of my life I have ever heard. Ever.

What should love be? Is there someone for everybody? Do you know when you’ve found the one? In my own opinion, yes is the answer to the second and third question. I think there is someone for everyone and I think when you know, you know. I have had many people tell me that my idea of movie love is unrealistic, but I still hold onto hope that movie love exists. I mean, hey, what inspired these movie romances to begin with, surely real life? 
To all my teenage readers, you may not believe it now as you stare across the table in McDonald’s at the guy who you think is the love of your life while he’s ignoring you and possibly texting another girl right in front of you, but, movie love DOES exist. Maybe not with him though, drop his player ass asap, soz. If he doesn’t cause fireworks in your heart when he walks into the room and you’re sitting there thinking ‘Wait, why do I like you so much again?’ then chances are he’s not the one. If you can’t stand the sight of him anymore and constantly want to punch him in the face everytime he so much as breathes, then yes, unfortunately, this is a sign. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. If he treats you like you’re ordinary and you think there should be more to love than this, then that’s because there should be more to love than this. That again is another sign. Also take notice of songs you hear, or what happens in your dreams, I think these can be signs too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert (real life Bridget Jones here people) but I’m a firm believer in real love and destiny. No matter how many times my heart gets broken, no matter how many times guys may not text back, no matter how many nights I may spend using my naggin to catch my tears, I still hold onto hope because everything happens for a reason.
My best friend always tells me to expect the unexpected, and I think this is so true. You might meet your soulmate tomorrow while buying a chicken fillet roll or buying socks, or you may bump into the guy who broke your heart while you’re completely make-up free in a tracksuit zooming around Aldi’s chocolate section. You just don’t know. However, one thing I do know is that I want to be in love like in a movie because I think when you know, you know and all the signs will confirm it. Fate. I’m hoping and guessing it will feel like magic, as described by Tom Hanks. 
Saying all this though, more obvious signs would be a lot handier, wonder if all the heartbreakers of the world would mind gluing road signs to their forehead to warn us before we start to become attached?

My Party Picks!

I have been browsing online a lot lately because I am on the hunt for items to add to my wardrobe for Christmas. So with sequin and velvet season in full swing I decided to show you some of my favourite party picks from! They also have up to 48% off Party Wear which ends midnight tonight, so get shopping! I have included all the links to the pieces so you have no excuse not to purchase πŸ˜‰

  • I love making the most of metallic and glittery looks over Christmas, so the dress below is a must-have for me. Really unusual but will be turning heads for all the right reasons!
  • If I was a shoe, I feel like they would make me into some sort of fluffy/pom pom high heel, because my eyes are instantly drawn to them! So cute and quirky and will dress up a black outfit πŸ™‚

  • I LOOOOOOOVE VELVET! I actually bought this dress last year and it is my favourite dress. I call it my magic dress because it is just my go to LBD. It is so flattering and is lovely if you don’t like showing off your arms. Sexy, yet very classy too!

  • This jacket is from the boohoo plus range and I think it is absolutely stunning. It is simple but a lovely shape with gorgeous detail around the edge. Perfect from day to night – would be fab with a pair of jeans and high heels!

  • Who doesn’t love a pair of earrings to dress up an outfit? Especially when they’re FLUFFY! I bought these in black somewhere else and mine cost €10, but luckily for you guys these ones are only €4! They come in both white and pink so I think I might have to buy both pairs and perhaps wear them as a quirky mismatched look, fab!
  • Anyone else getting mermaid vibes from this jumpsuit or is it just me? AND it’s backless, so what’s not to love?

  • And last but not least is this timeless classic! Add a red lip and you’re good to go!

Happy shopping ladies and just remember, take advantage of the party season outfits. Go all out, wear the outfit with confidence and have a great time πŸ™‚ xx

Rant Of The Week: It’s All Over For Another Year!

All of the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! fans know it wouldn’t be Christmas without the run up filled with cockroaches, animal testicles, and a load of random Celebrities thrown into the jungle, and this year did not disappoint! I am absolutely gutted tonight is the final, I feel like the time flew, although, I doubt Tony Hadley and Duncan Bannatyne would say the same…

I am delighted with the final three so I don’t mind who wins. I had a feeling Vicky would be in the final, she is so great, humorous, and up for everything – a real team player. Aaaand she shops in Primark, what a woman! Ferne’s bubbly personality always has me smiling, and after almost being strangled by a snake that girl deserves a bloody medal! As for George, I just think he is the cutest guy ever (that smile though) and to be honest I just want to bring him home to meet my Nan. So, George Of The Jungle, if thing’s don’t work out with Ferne (or Jorgie) I’m always up for the flanter, okay?

This year was definitely the most dramatic in a few years, but I would have loved to hear about Yvette’s experiences from Most Haunted and more about Vicky’s time on Geordie Shore. I don’t know how they all coped in there, I would have done an Yvette on Lady C from day one! I was so happy Yvette did that, she was so brave. I can’t believe Lady C can have such a strong dislike for the father figure of the camp Tony Hadley, and Duncan Bannatyne, the Jungle Sort! 
Of course the main things I will miss will be Ant and Dec’s jokes, and Laura Whitmore’s wardrobe! That girl is constantly slaying in the style stakes, love her! I’m also really hoping they try to get Karl Pilkington on the show next year.
I would absolutely love to go on this show (hint hint) – Celebrity Cyclone? Yes please! Making celeb friends? Yes please! Coming face to face with an Ostrich or Lady C? Ummm, I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

Goodbye Australian Jungle, until next year! You will be missed <3 xx 

Do You Have Mr. Big Syndrome?

Before reading this blog post, ask yourself if you are familiar with the character of Mr. Big in Sex and the City. If not, I would advise you to go and watch all six seasons and both movies, but if you really don’t have time to do all that today then I’ll update you. John James Preston aka Mr. Big is Carrie Bradshaws own Prince Charming. And sure he may have some of the prince qualities- lots of money, fancy suits, and a charismatic personality, but he’s lacking quite a few of the charming qualities. He can never commit to Carrie properly but enjoys stringing her along until he actually decides to marry her in the movie (after deserting her in her fab wedding dress the first time around, just sayin’.)

Sex and the City may have ended years ago, but I personally think most women have a Mr. Big. These emotionally unavailable men don’t only exist in your late 20’s and 30’s, there are many younger men fearing any sort of commitment. What are you all so afraid of? Spooning every Sunday morning? Netflix and chill every night? Seeing me without make-up? Women with feelings? If you aren’t sure whether or not you have a Mr. Big then chances are you don’t because if you had a real Mr. Big in your life he would have popped into mind straight away when you started reading this post. Here are 10 signs that you’re suffering from Mr. Big Syndrome…

1. He’s your worst habit 
You may bite your nails, drink, swear, comfort eat and have spent hundreds of euro on shoes and handbags over the years, but this guy takes the biscuit! He’s an addiction, one you are willing to fall back into every. single. time. Excuse me Mr. Big, can I please kick this habit or at least kick you?

2. You’re constantly going around in circles
Do you like me? Are we a thing? Am I friend-zoned? Do you always kiss your friends? Aren’t you seeing someone else? Do you only want me when I stop showing interest? Am I the only one that’s going crazy here?

3. He will always be that guy

Hear his name? Heart breaks. Hear his favourite song? Heart breaks. See his mothers friends brothers aunt? Heart breaks. See another guy with the same colour hair? Heart breaks. Bump into him? Heart breaks. He commits to someone else? Try to act not bothered at all times until you eventually crack…
4. You try (emphasis on the ‘try’ part) your best to forget about him until you open a bottle of wine
Must not be bitter. Must not be bitter. Ooooh alcohol!
5. Your friends aren’t exactly his biggest fan
You can’t blame them really…
6. He knows it too!
Charlotte had the right idea…
7. You always defend him and compare everybody to him even though he is quite clearly an asshole
Why do we like him again? Is it the way he’s so mean? The way he runs for the hills the second any emotions are shared? The way he’s so caught up in what he wants he doesn’t care about your feelings? The way he has you on a string because he knows you care about him too much to hurt him? 
8. 364 days of the year you are driven to insanity by overthinking
And the other day is probably Christmas, or you just slept for 24 hours straight or something…

9. You’re never emotionally prepared to welcome new men into your life because you’re constantly waiting for his dramatic comeback
He’s done this comeback like 18,000 times before so you always know it’s on the horizon…
10. He knows too well how to play with your heart
Get them hopes up and prepare yourself for the fall again girl…
Don’t get me wrong, I love Mr. Big’s character (that is my main problem in life) but I don’t love him as much when I’m the one in Carrie’s shoes. Of course you care about him, every girl does. I think you always will even if it’s just a little bit, but does he really care about you enough or do you just get trampled on constantly for caring about him? Is it time to throw away Mr. Big and focus on Aidan? Does anyone ever really get a happy ending with their Mr. Big or was Carrie Bradshaw just a symbol of dreamy fairytale fiction? Let’s not fret though ladies, I still have hope for men, after all, look how many different types of guys the Sex and the City girls dated altogether, surely there must be one that’s a healthy habit?

European Fashion Styles: Looking Stylish on the Continent

This is a piece that I wrote about fashion trends in Europe for The Spotahome Blog. Check out their blog for great posts and information about various European cities πŸ™‚

In Europe’s buzzing, ever changing cities, one thing is for sure – fashion never goes out of style. On our travels we meet new people, new traditions and new fashion trends, but how do these vary across the board? 

European Fashion: Dublin
As an Irish girl, I have walked the streets of Dublin many times, but I am still amazed by the style I come across each time. From the chic, on trend bloggers, to the quirky, risk taking art students, to the everyday man or woman out doing their shopping, Dublin is very much on trend. The rainy days and often cloudy skies allow for faux fur to make an appearance, one of my favourite autumn/winter trends. Thigh high boots are also a must have, which are often teamed with a gorgeous patterned blanket cape and an oversized handbag. The average Dublin girl lets her own fashion do the talking when she hits those streets, combining pieces of high street with vintage. Men will often be seen in a high street cardigan or a casual shirt, up to recently with a man bun, but this trend is slowly disappearing. Skinny trousers are very much desired, whether they are jeans or skinny tracksuit bottoms.

European Fashion: Rome
So you’re probably wondering what happens when in Rome? Well, in such a respectable city with so much historical importance, appropriate clothes are a must. It would be very rare to see anyone in something overly revealing. Romans are all about brands, after all, it is Italy – a major home of fashion. Jeans are a very prominent European fashion trend in this city, mainly dark coloured denim. Denim shirts and jackets are also worn often, and don’t have to be the same colour as the jeans. Even though it is quite a hot temperature over there, black is a very on trend colour – safe and fashionable. Not to worry though, this is easily brightened up with a statement scarf! As for dresses? Opt for long and flowy – elegant and perfect for the weather.

European Fashion: Madrid
Fashion in Madrid is very seasonal. The summers are hot and the winters cold. Similarly to Dublin, fur is very on trend during the winter. Stylish hats and scarves are also loved, as are sunglasses and designer handbags. Scarves are seen everywhere in different colours and styles, all year round. Spring allows for a lightweight jacket, but sandals do not make an appearance until at least May. Many people in Madrid dress very nicely, meaning goodbye tracksuits and hello shirts and stylish jeans.