Rant Of The Week: Sleepless Outside Seattle

After spending a lazy Sunday watching films, one struck a chord with me more than the others. This film was Sleepless In Seattle, a movie being all about love and signs. Due to this, I am now here at 12:30am, being very sleepless, outside of Seattle, believing watching that movie tonight was a sign in itself. I have known about this film for years and had seen it in bits and pieces over the years, but I had never sat down and properly watched (or totally over analysed) it until tonight. For any girl that is a complete hopeless romantic like me, you need to get your best friend over and watch this film. Right now. In this film, the lead female character’s friend tells her: ‘You don’t want to be in love, you want to be in love in a movie.’ And well, ladies, I am here to tell you that that is the most accurate description of my life I have ever heard. Ever.

What should love be? Is there someone for everybody? Do you know when you’ve found the one? In my own opinion, yes is the answer to the second and third question. I think there is someone for everyone and I think when you know, you know. I have had many people tell me that my idea of movie love is unrealistic, but I still hold onto hope that movie love exists. I mean, hey, what inspired these movie romances to begin with, surely real life? 
To all my teenage readers, you may not believe it now as you stare across the table in McDonald’s at the guy who you think is the love of your life while he’s ignoring you and possibly texting another girl right in front of you, but, movie love DOES exist. Maybe not with him though, drop his player ass asap, soz. If he doesn’t cause fireworks in your heart when he walks into the room and you’re sitting there thinking ‘Wait, why do I like you so much again?’ then chances are he’s not the one. If you can’t stand the sight of him anymore and constantly want to punch him in the face everytime he so much as breathes, then yes, unfortunately, this is a sign. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. If he treats you like you’re ordinary and you think there should be more to love than this, then that’s because there should be more to love than this. That again is another sign. Also take notice of songs you hear, or what happens in your dreams, I think these can be signs too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert (real life Bridget Jones here people) but I’m a firm believer in real love and destiny. No matter how many times my heart gets broken, no matter how many times guys may not text back, no matter how many nights I may spend using my naggin to catch my tears, I still hold onto hope because everything happens for a reason.
My best friend always tells me to expect the unexpected, and I think this is so true. You might meet your soulmate tomorrow while buying a chicken fillet roll or buying socks, or you may bump into the guy who broke your heart while you’re completely make-up free in a tracksuit zooming around Aldi’s chocolate section. You just don’t know. However, one thing I do know is that I want to be in love like in a movie because I think when you know, you know and all the signs will confirm it. Fate. I’m hoping and guessing it will feel like magic, as described by Tom Hanks. 
Saying all this though, more obvious signs would be a lot handier, wonder if all the heartbreakers of the world would mind gluing road signs to their forehead to warn us before we start to become attached?

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