Do You Have Mr. Big Syndrome?

Before reading this blog post, ask yourself if you are familiar with the character of Mr. Big in Sex and the City. If not, I would advise you to go and watch all six seasons and both movies, but if you really don’t have time to do all that today then I’ll update you. John James Preston aka Mr. Big is Carrie Bradshaws own Prince Charming. And sure he may have some of the prince qualities- lots of money, fancy suits, and a charismatic personality, but he’s lacking quite a few of the charming qualities. He can never commit to Carrie properly but enjoys stringing her along until he actually decides to marry her in the movie (after deserting her in her fab wedding dress the first time around, just sayin’.)

Sex and the City may have ended years ago, but I personally think most women have a Mr. Big. These emotionally unavailable men don’t only exist in your late 20’s and 30’s, there are many younger men fearing any sort of commitment. What are you all so afraid of? Spooning every Sunday morning? Netflix and chill every night? Seeing me without make-up? Women with feelings? If you aren’t sure whether or not you have a Mr. Big then chances are you don’t because if you had a real Mr. Big in your life he would have popped into mind straight away when you started reading this post. Here are 10 signs that you’re suffering from Mr. Big Syndrome…

1. He’s your worst habit 
You may bite your nails, drink, swear, comfort eat and have spent hundreds of euro on shoes and handbags over the years, but this guy takes the biscuit! He’s an addiction, one you are willing to fall back into every. single. time. Excuse me Mr. Big, can I please kick this habit or at least kick you?

2. You’re constantly going around in circles
Do you like me? Are we a thing? Am I friend-zoned? Do you always kiss your friends? Aren’t you seeing someone else? Do you only want me when I stop showing interest? Am I the only one that’s going crazy here?

3. He will always be that guy

Hear his name? Heart breaks. Hear his favourite song? Heart breaks. See his mothers friends brothers aunt? Heart breaks. See another guy with the same colour hair? Heart breaks. Bump into him? Heart breaks. He commits to someone else? Try to act not bothered at all times until you eventually crack…
4. You try (emphasis on the ‘try’ part) your best to forget about him until you open a bottle of wine
Must not be bitter. Must not be bitter. Ooooh alcohol!
5. Your friends aren’t exactly his biggest fan
You can’t blame them really…
6. He knows it too!
Charlotte had the right idea…
7. You always defend him and compare everybody to him even though he is quite clearly an asshole
Why do we like him again? Is it the way he’s so mean? The way he runs for the hills the second any emotions are shared? The way he’s so caught up in what he wants he doesn’t care about your feelings? The way he has you on a string because he knows you care about him too much to hurt him?
8. 364 days of the year you are driven to insanity by overthinking
And the other day is probably Christmas, or you just slept for 24 hours straight or something…
9. You’re never emotionally prepared to welcome new men into your life because you’re constantly waiting for his dramatic comeback
He’s done this comeback like 18,000 times before so you always know it’s on the horizon…
10. He knows too well how to play with your heart
Get them hopes up and prepare yourself for the fall again girl…
Don’t get me wrong, I love Mr. Big’s character (that is my main problem in life) but I don’t love him as much when I’m the one in Carrie’s shoes. Of course you care about him, every girl does. I think you always will even if it’s just a little bit, but does he really care about you enough or do you just get trampled on constantly for caring about him? Is it time to throw away Mr. Big and focus on Aidan? Does anyone ever really get a happy ending with their Mr. Big or was Carrie Bradshaw just a symbol of dreamy fairytale fiction? Let’s not fret though ladies, I still have hope for men, after all, look how many different types of guys the Sex and the City girls dated altogether, surely there must be one that’s a healthy habit?

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