Five Times Beauty Fails Us

Being done up is a lovely feeling, however, getting done up is a whole different story. No matter what though, the tears, tantrums, anger and worry is always worth it for the sake of a new Facebook profiler…

Here are some relatable moments that we all go through while trying to transform ourselves!

1. Eyelash tantrums
‘I can’t do it, they won’t stick on, the corner keeps popping off, now my eye make-up is rubbing off, he doesn’t love me, I have jiggly thighs, I’m so poor, we’re going to be late. I’M JUST NOT GOING ANYMORE.’

2. When you don’t look like Adele
It’s a very stressful time alright, my personal motto during this frustration is: If you can’t wing the eyeliner, bin the eyeliner.

3. Hair on the back of your legs
Not going to go away no matter how many times I go over you with the razor, nah? You could film I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here back there…

4. The terrible tan
‘Is your face supposed to be a different colour to your body? And can anyone smell cat pee?’

5. The realisation of celebrity myths and legends
Are all girls expected to be able to contour like Kim, have lips like Kylie and look as smokin’ hot as Khloe on the cover of Complex? Yeaaaah, unfortunately I wouldn’t even make the cut for KUWTK season one…

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