European Fashion Styles: Looking Stylish on the Continent

This is a piece that I wrote about fashion trends in Europe for The Spotahome Blog. Check out their blog for great posts and information about various European cities 🙂

In Europe’s buzzing, ever changing cities, one thing is for sure – fashion never goes out of style. On our travels we meet new people, new traditions and new fashion trends, but how do these vary across the board? 

European Fashion: Dublin
As an Irish girl, I have walked the streets of Dublin many times, but I am still amazed by the style I come across each time. From the chic, on trend bloggers, to the quirky, risk taking art students, to the everyday man or woman out doing their shopping, Dublin is very much on trend. The rainy days and often cloudy skies allow for faux fur to make an appearance, one of my favourite autumn/winter trends. Thigh high boots are also a must have, which are often teamed with a gorgeous patterned blanket cape and an oversized handbag. The average Dublin girl lets her own fashion do the talking when she hits those streets, combining pieces of high street with vintage. Men will often be seen in a high street cardigan or a casual shirt, up to recently with a man bun, but this trend is slowly disappearing. Skinny trousers are very much desired, whether they are jeans or skinny tracksuit bottoms.

European Fashion: Rome
So you’re probably wondering what happens when in Rome? Well, in such a respectable city with so much historical importance, appropriate clothes are a must. It would be very rare to see anyone in something overly revealing. Romans are all about brands, after all, it is Italy – a major home of fashion. Jeans are a very prominent European fashion trend in this city, mainly dark coloured denim. Denim shirts and jackets are also worn often, and don’t have to be the same colour as the jeans. Even though it is quite a hot temperature over there, black is a very on trend colour – safe and fashionable. Not to worry though, this is easily brightened up with a statement scarf! As for dresses? Opt for long and flowy – elegant and perfect for the weather.

European Fashion: Madrid
Fashion in Madrid is very seasonal. The summers are hot and the winters cold. Similarly to Dublin, fur is very on trend during the winter. Stylish hats and scarves are also loved, as are sunglasses and designer handbags. Scarves are seen everywhere in different colours and styles, all year round. Spring allows for a lightweight jacket, but sandals do not make an appearance until at least May. Many people in Madrid dress very nicely, meaning goodbye tracksuits and hello shirts and stylish jeans.

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