Rant Of The Week: Where Does My Willpower Go At Christmas?

Right so its been three days since Christmas Day. Great company, great presents, not a penny to my name and excess weight on my hips. My jeans probably don’t fit anymore, all because my willpower disappeared just like the mince pies. What is it about Christmas time that causes this over powering hunger and why does the turkey seem to never end? It’s lasted three days feeding a family of five, two dogs and six cats and yet, I still think it’s going to be around for a while longer. Does somebody restock the fridge overnight then stop when January comes? I have cheese going straight to my thighs and ham coming out of my ears. However, I still live without a single regret.

“Ah yeah but its Christmas isn’t it” is always everybody’s reason for over indulging at Christmas (including mine) but why is this? What causes the world to go into a frenzy of eating everything in sight when Santa is coming? Standing at 5’4″ where do I manage to store all these boxes of Quality Street? and why won’t any of this weight go to my boobs?

This really has been the struggle of my life for the past week and I’m sure everybody else can relate to this too!

Sure look, a bit of chocolate never hurt anyone! (apart from Augustus Gloop)

What I Wore Stephens Night

I went out Stephens Night and wanted an outfit that was dressy and elegant. I had wanted a black midi dress in River Island for ages and was delighted when I realised that it was reduced from fifty euro to fourteen! I couldn’t leave it there, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress anyway, never mind a little black dress thats only fourteen euro!

I decided to give it an edge by wearing it with a black choker and a black coat with a faux fur hood.
The material was really flattering and I felt so confident in it because it wasn’t overly fitted which was great considering all the food I have eaten over Christmas!

What a bargain! Delighted 🙂

Fe xx

Back In My Day…

With all the Christmas excitement in the air lately I started thinking back to the best presents Santa ever got me! I actually feel quite old talking to children about what they’re hoping to get for Christmas because it seems like things have definitely changed since I was little! Even though I still love Christmas now, I do miss the excitement of getting toys which were advertised on tv all year. Can’t wait until I have my own children and for Santa to visit 🙂

Password Journal
We all remember the hype with this thing. I was lucky enough to finally get one and guess what..it didn’t bloody work. Whenever I tried to say my password it wouldn’t recognise my voice and after three attempts an alarm would go off with the words “INTRUDER! INTRUDER!”. I’m not a bloody intruder, let me in! I still have it hidden in my bedroom to this day and still cannot open it. I have to force it open whilst the alarm goes crazy. The times that I have finally opened it I regret it anyway…”Fe <3’s SVS xox Luv my frends x”

Bratz Ski Lodge 
Being a dedicated Bratz fan I have never experienced excitement like opening this on Christmas Day. Of course it would be just my luck that my dad would accidentally throw out the snow so the snow machine didn’t work, but nevertheless I still loved it! Speaking to my boyfriends little sister recently it seems like Monster High are the new cool dolls on the market? Does anybody know if Chloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha are still around?

Barbie Cash Register
My sister and I loved this! Definitely one of our favourites! Until my sister would get bored of playing shop and leave the room. Ah, memories…

Diva Starz 
Whenever I ask anybody about these they have no idea what I’m talking about, but I looked into it and they definitely did exist. I wasn’t imagining it! Did anybody else have one of these? Pretty sure mine was called Nikki! They had like really big heads, feet and eyes? They’re actually pretty creepy looking at them now, definitely came alive at night.

I was living in England at the time so I’m not sure about their popularity in Ireland but they were huge in England! Just remembered these today when dad mentioned it, what a blast from the past!

Baby Annabell
I never had a Baby Born but I had Baby Annabell. Whenever I watch videos of Christmas 1999 I just walk past every so often rocking this baby. Bit creepy seeings as I never spoke so I just go past the camera every so often holding this doll….

Happy Christmas everybody! Hope Santy brings you all some happy memories and lots of chocolate!
If I don’t post for a few days its because I’m busy with Christmas (recovering from 12 pubs) but I will try to post as often as I can 🙂

Have a good one!

Fe xx

Rant Of The Week: You’re A Fox, You’re Not Afraid Of Anything

There is nothing that annoys me more than ignorant people. Well, apart from putting on fake eyelashes, but lets save that for another day! It takes two seconds to say hello to somebody, you aren’t more important than anybody, nor are they more important than you. Whether you’re eighteen or thirty two, the queen of England or the person who cleans Kim Kardashians Louboutins, we’re all the same.  Nothing ruins a persons positive vibes for the day as much as an ignored ‘good morning’ does. Did you hear me? Would you like me to shout it? Chances are I never actually say these things, I just think them, but I really need to work on actually saying them because when I go home upset about people being mean to me my dad will always tell me the same thing “You’re a fox, you’re not afraid of anything” and as much as I would like this to be true, it turns out I am in fact afraid of many things…rats, collarbones, the big window at the bottom of our stairs, and my dad chasing me pretending to be Urko from Planet of the Apes…but I suppose I get where he’s coming from!

I suppose the best thing to do is to free yourself from negativity. Remove them as a negative influence on your life. You are forever going to meet spiteful, unfriendly people, whether it’s in school or out in the big bad world, but it’s just learning how to cope with these things in life which I think all comes with life experience and a positive frame of mind! Sometimes I feel intimidated by older people but when I take a step back I realise I am in fact eighteen years old, I know what I want and I know what I need to do to get there. I have managed to survive eighteen years without you and your attitude and I plan on surviving many more the same way. It’s your life, you can live it as positively or negatively as you want, nobody else can stop you.

I know I have taken rant of the week to new extremes this week, but after a long and slightly stressful week I think it needed to be said. Its nice to be nice, simples 🙂

Sequin Season And Fluffy Heel Heaven

I know it is quite impossible to shop around for clothes for nights out around the party season because you could have quite easily gone up a few dress sizes after over indulging on quality street and cheese over Christmas, but it has to be done! Never fear, I am here to help you with everything fashionable for winter! Here are some things that I am LOVING 🙂

Sequins. Glitter. Sparkle.
These three things never let me down. For me, Christmas always has been and always will be sequin season and in my opinion, it’s the perfect time to wear outfits that are a bit more glitzy than usual! Some people tend to be afraid of this trend, but you don’t need to overdo it. Sparkle can be simple too 🙂
I was always a fan of velvet during my Britney Spears days and luckily for me it has made a comeback! This time maybe a little bit more stylish though…
I have spent the past few days on the hunt for a gorgeous velvet dress for New Years Eve and my favourite website so far has been Boohoo. Many of them are on sale and there are so many to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of skater, bodycon, midi or shorter dresses you will be sure to find one! Go quickly though, the one I wanted sold out in my size very quickly!
Both casual and dressy. Tartan is definitely a winter wardrobe must have! Whether its a skirt or scarf you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it on your next shopping trip! If it’s more affordable you’re looking for, I’d head straight to your nearest Penney’s!
Fluffy Heels
I feel like I have been introduced to shoe heaven recently after the arrival of these! They are most definitely on my list of things to treat myself to! I have seen them on both Missguided and Boohoo. I’m a size 3 and my birthday is January 4th if any of you are wondering, no pressure…
Blanket Capes
I loooove this trend. On my list with the fluffy heels! Perfect for keeping cosy while on your stroll to McDonalds after a night out, a casual look by day, or just to snuggle up in on a lazy Sunday! River Island have a fab range in a variety of prints and colours.
Now that you’re no longer stuck for fresh wardrobe ideas, you better get shopping! January 4th, don’t forget about me after I’ve given you all of this fabulous advice…

Rant Of The Week: A Lack Of Tea And Tay Tay

I literally just got the laptop ready to write this weeks Rant Of The Week and then went to boil the kettle to make myself a nice cup of tea before I start, then what happens…the kettle will not boil. I repeat, the kettle will NOT boil. The kettle is broken. No tea for Fe. No happiness for Fe. Life is grim and tea-less.

The thoughts of tomorrow aren’t exactly making the situation any better, Taylor Swift added a Dublin date to her tour, but of course I have about ten euro to my name. No big deal, shes only my favourite female music artist and dream best friend. To many people, the arrival of Tay Tay to Ireland may not be a big deal, but for me, the realisation that I will not get to see her breaks my heart into a million tiny pieces and the only thing that can kind of begin to lift my spirits is a nice cup of tea. Oh no wait. Ha. Good one Universe xx
No need to worry about me though people (I know you were all devo for me) because it’s not all doom and gloom. Santa Clause is coming to townnnnnn. You know what this means, endless supplies of mince pies and gaining weight without carrying the same amount of guilt as usual! It’s Christmas sure, losing weight will be my New Years Resolution (at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself since 2010). Also, the last episode of Friends is on as I’m writing this. Yay! 
I actually didn’t have that much to rant about this week, which is a good thing I suppose! So you all had a lucky escape until next Sunday!

My Exciting Week

Tomorrow is Friday and I cannot wait for the weekend but I must say I have had a great week! I’m a huge fan of So Sue Me so was delighted to find a copy of the new book which I bought for myself and absolutely love 🙂

Then a few days later my friend text me and told me that Suzanne would be in Clonmel Thursday for the opening of a new Blush store. Needless to say, there was not a chance that I would be missing that, she is such an inspiration! I popped along and was lucky enough to meet her and have a chat with her about my blog and get much needed advice and tips from an expert 🙂 She was absolutely lovely and just as gorgeous in person as she is in her pictures! 
What an exciting week this has been. Unfortunately, the tiredness is beginning to hit me now, all the excitement has worn me out! Think I might be sleeping until Santas arrival at this stage..only two weeks away! 
Night everyone! X 

Rant Of The Week

Okay so I was chatting to my mum today about my blog and she came up with the idea of rant of the week! Mainly because whenever I start ranting about things it lasts about four days, ask anybody! I think my blog is a good place to share these rants rather than annoying the life out of my boyfriend with them on a daily basis as I usually do! Anyway, I am going to start doing this every Sunday, unless for some reason I am not able to that week due to my hectic schedule (unexpected death of goldfish, emotional breakdown about running out of teabags etc)

An example of this rant would include things such as how I saw a man openly littering in the middle of town the other day (Oh dear, I sound like my mother, don’t I?) and my reaction to seeing somewhere that NADIA FORDE had been branded a plus size model. Yes, that really happened…

In other news, I treated myself to SoSueMe’s second book today, feeling super motivated and more ready than ever to take on the world of blogging! (I started choking on popcorn just after I had typed that, well that could have been awkward and a short lived blogging career…)

Anywho, off I go to chill out in bed with a cup of tea! 🙂
Night everyone! xx

Fearing Santa And Throwing Christmas Trees

Christmas is my favourite time of year without a doubt, and er, no it’s not because I finally have an excuse as to why I’m skipping around the house singing All I Want For Christmas Is You, or an excuse as to how I somehow managed to gain two stone within a period of two days. However, that is another advantage of the season! I think I love Christmas because it has always been a big deal in our house, there are so many family memories that I will always look back on and wonder what I did in my past life to deserve to be stuck involuntarily with this bunch of idiots.

The Fear Of The Mysterious Bearded Man In The Red Coat
Of course, me being the paranoid, easily freaked out individual that I am means I did used to be afraid of Santa. Instead of leaving my stocking at the end of my own bed on Christmas Eve I would have to leave it at the end of my sisters instead. Sure I was afraid of the guy, but no way was I missing out on presents when I had been on my best behaviour for the past week! Anyway, there would be a note on my bedroom door written by my mum which read “Santa, I love you but I am a bit afraid of you so can you please leave my presents in my stocking which is at the end of my sisters bed instead of my own.” Classic Fe…

The Annual Christmas Tree Family Argument
Okay, maybe this is just my family, but do you guys also have arguments every year when the decorations are going up? This is usually started by dads frustration while trying to get the massive Christmas tree into our teeny tiny hobbit house and my sisters desperate need for tree organisation and intensely boring colours (clearly the christmas decorations that I made in senior infants mean nothing to her). Spending three hours untangling lights which then turn out to be broken doesn’t exactly help the situation either, and this was once followed by mum chucking the whole tree out of the front door after my dad. My brother and I didn’t let this affect us, we were unable to move due to the over consumption of candy canes from the previous hour…

My Sister The Happiness Crusher
I know I always write negative things about my sister when we were both little, but don’t get the wrong idea…we’re still bestie, k? Anywho, back to the negativity, she once filled my stocking with toys that we already had and woke me up like ten minutes after I had FINALLY fallen asleep by announcing “Fe, wake up! Santa has been!!” No. No he had not.

The Old “When We Were Little All We Got For Christmas Was Fruit”
No matter what family member is saying it, it’s the Christmas special edition of “We all had to walk to school barefoot” and it makes a comeback every single year. It always comes at a bad time, like when you’re playing on your new phone with a mouthful of leftover turkey and you want to feel sorry for them but all of your senses are just too happy to sympathise in that particular moment. Obviously you can’t tell them that, so you just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

Dad: Mr Unfortunate
Not only did he once get coal for Christmas but he also missed the Christmas Eve when Santa was in the field next door feeding his reindeers. His whereabouts that night are a mystery to me and he was rather devo that he missed it when we told him the story. Lousy on ya Steve.

The Start Of My Winter Wardrobe

Winter is most definitely here and by the looks of it, it seems like its here to stay for a while! I’m a huge lover of faux fur and decided to make this a part of my winter wardrobe this year. Here are two coats that I have at the ready to be all cosy but still stylish 🙂

The first coat I bought was from Penneys in Dublin. I fell in love with it straight away and just had to have it! I love wearing it with warmer winter tones and leopard print. The colour is simple so there are so many things to wear it with. This will stay in my wardrobe forever. 30 euro well spent! 

The second coat I bought was a light pink faux fur collar biker jacket from River Island. I think this can create a really edgy look but still look classy and sophisticated because of the faux fur and soft colour. If you’re not like me and aren’t a huge lover of pink then don’t worry because there are other colours available and the fur collar can be taken off. Why on earth would anyone do that though? Perfect for a night out or just a casual daytime look! 

I have to admit I have never developed romantic feelings for jackets until now! So worth it though…