Five Fashion and Beauty Must Haves

1) A denim jacket.
I stole my mums one which she had in like the Eighties or something. Okay, not really, she had it like 10 years ago. However, I claimed it as my own and now live in it. It just goes with everything. Thanks momma!

2) Hairspray.
Slowly killing all of my organs and I could easily be set on fire because of the amount I use, but its an addiction and makes my hair look so pretty….

3) Tweezers.
Oh my god I have like 7 pairs of tweezers but somehow they always manage to disappear? When I can’t find them it literally turns into a criminal investigation about my families whereabouts and possible tweezer usage in the last few days. Not only are they completely necessary for keeping my wild eyebrows from growing into a complete unibrow when I don’t have time to wax them but they are also super handy to have in my handbag when you’re in the car on your way into town and that one unfortunate chin hair decides to be like “I believe she really likes this guy and would like this date to work out, what a perfect time to make a reappearance mwahaha”. I know, I know, it’s not a feature of my face that I’m particularly proud of….

4) Emergency tan and a tanning mitt.
I’m speaking from experience here. My sister literally had 7 bottles of Cocoa Brown in her room and decided to bring ALL of them to college with her and leave me about a third of an older bottle. If that wasn’t bad enough I then realised I didn’t have a tanning mitt and had to use…A SOCK. The tan covered about one leg and shoulder, it was all uneven because of the lack of mitt and now I can’t even wear that sock again. Life is grim.

5) Sudocrem.
My self esteems best friend and my teenage skins worst enemy. Few spots (Just kidding, cover your whole face) on your skin before you go to sleep and wake up flawless! Just remember that you have it on before answering the door to visitors and make sure you’re pretty comfortable in your relationship before admitting that this is a part of your bedtime beauty routine. It can really kill the vibe that you’ve worked so hard on creating with your sexy pyjamas…

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