French Maids And Monkey Nuts: The Pros And Cons Of Halloween


  • Convincing your mum to get loads of sweets incase you get trick or treaters, even though you know very well that you live in the middle of nowhere and the only people that are going to be visiting your house are the postman and your grandmother.
  • Spending the day watching Halloweentown in your pyjamas.
  • Local Halloween discos (Ardfinnan in my case) when you were younger because they were classsss (many downsides however which I will explain in a moment…)
  • You can get away with looking rough because you’re going for that washed out, greasy haired, hairy legged zombie look….Just me?
  • The endless supply of monkey nuts around the house, yum!
  • When the odd trick or treaters do decide to turn up in the middle of your Halloweentown marathon and they just presume you’re going to give them your sweets. Uh nu-uh, do you expect me to starve for the day?
  • When you go trick or treating and they give you an apple. Not even a toffee apple, just your average, everyday apple. Wow can’t wait for my midnight feast later….
  • When you want to look all cool going to the Ardfinnan Halloween disco and your mum does your makeup fully green with warts all over your face and your dad gives your sister a beard to the point where she is completely unrecognisable. You can see this unfortunate childhood experience in the picture below…
  • When you’re at the Ardfinnan Halloween disco and you’re not sure if the masked person that just approached you is the love of your life or the weird kid so you just kinda stand there, nodding along and laughing uncomfortably.
  • The queue and bright lighting in the chipper after the Ardfinnan Halloween disco. Hungry and ugly, not my greatest combination.
  • Your whole town becomes taken over by floods of french maids and not so classy Disney Princesses (However, I’m guilty of this too I must admit…)

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