The World Is Your Runway

Fashion has been my way of expressing myself ever since I was little. My mum has told me that by the age of 3 I was choosing my own outfits, completely mismatched and my aunt felt sorry for me because she thought I didn’t have any nice clothes and wanted to bring me shopping. My mum proceeded to tell her “Fe has loads of clothes, she just chooses her own outfits and refuses to let anyone else choose them for her”. This belief has stayed with me ever since and will always be my main comfort zone because, if you don’t have the confidence to wear something that you want to wear, how will you find the confidence to face the worlds bigger issues?

I can’t describe my style, its simply impossible to put a description on something that is changing every single day. I can’t plan in advance the person I am going to be tomorrow, I will just have to wait and see. When I talk about fashion, I don’t just mean all of the expensive designer stuff, anybody can walk into a shop pick up a dress and be called fashionable. Of course it is great to look and feel pretty and the majority of these clothes are beautiful, but I don’t dress to impress others or show off famous brand names, I want to dress for myself. If I feel confident in the way that I am dressed, my day is already off to a great start! 
When I was in Secondary School I was in trouble several times for dying my hair, this in my opinion is completely ridiculous! I was the most safe, unrebellious girl you could ever come across, but one day I was asked “What will you look like going downtown with your hair that colour?” Well, Katy Perry or Rihanna would be nice but I’m pretty sure just a normal teenage girl who happens to have dyed her hair. What else would I look like? My constantly changing hair represents my constantly changing life because sometimes I just feel like starting over, and what better way to do that than a vibrant new colour or completely different style. It’s upsetting to think that nowadays people are still expected to go with the crowd and feel like they can’t express themselves in the way they may wish to. Don’t be a sheep. If people question what you’re wearing, good. You’ve had an effect on them and you won’t be forgotten. Don’t let anybody try to take the confidence you have in your own personal style away from you because without that, how will you ever know who you truly are? 

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