Back In My Day…

With all the Christmas excitement in the air lately I started thinking back to the best presents Santa ever got me! I actually feel quite old talking to children about what they’re hoping to get for Christmas because it seems like things have definitely changed since I was little! Even though I still love Christmas now, I do miss the excitement of getting toys which were advertised on tv all year. Can’t wait until I have my own children and for Santa to visit 🙂

Password Journal
We all remember the hype with this thing. I was lucky enough to finally get one and guess didn’t bloody work. Whenever I tried to say my password it wouldn’t recognise my voice and after three attempts an alarm would go off with the words “INTRUDER! INTRUDER!”. I’m not a bloody intruder, let me in! I still have it hidden in my bedroom to this day and still cannot open it. I have to force it open whilst the alarm goes crazy. The times that I have finally opened it I regret it anyway…”Fe <3’s SVS xox Luv my frends x”

Bratz Ski Lodge 
Being a dedicated Bratz fan I have never experienced excitement like opening this on Christmas Day. Of course it would be just my luck that my dad would accidentally throw out the snow so the snow machine didn’t work, but nevertheless I still loved it! Speaking to my boyfriends little sister recently it seems like Monster High are the new cool dolls on the market? Does anybody know if Chloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha are still around?

Barbie Cash Register
My sister and I loved this! Definitely one of our favourites! Until my sister would get bored of playing shop and leave the room. Ah, memories…

Diva Starz 
Whenever I ask anybody about these they have no idea what I’m talking about, but I looked into it and they definitely did exist. I wasn’t imagining it! Did anybody else have one of these? Pretty sure mine was called Nikki! They had like really big heads, feet and eyes? They’re actually pretty creepy looking at them now, definitely came alive at night.

I was living in England at the time so I’m not sure about their popularity in Ireland but they were huge in England! Just remembered these today when dad mentioned it, what a blast from the past!

Baby Annabell
I never had a Baby Born but I had Baby Annabell. Whenever I watch videos of Christmas 1999 I just walk past every so often rocking this baby. Bit creepy seeings as I never spoke so I just go past the camera every so often holding this doll….

Happy Christmas everybody! Hope Santy brings you all some happy memories and lots of chocolate!
If I don’t post for a few days its because I’m busy with Christmas (recovering from 12 pubs) but I will try to post as often as I can 🙂

Have a good one!

Fe xx

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