Rant Of The Week: Where Does My Willpower Go At Christmas?

Right so its been three days since Christmas Day. Great company, great presents, not a penny to my name and excess weight on my hips. My jeans probably don’t fit anymore, all because my willpower disappeared just like the mince pies. What is it about Christmas time that causes this over powering hunger and why does the turkey seem to never end? It’s lasted three days feeding a family of five, two dogs and six cats and yet, I still think it’s going to be around for a while longer. Does somebody restock the fridge overnight then stop when January comes? I have cheese going straight to my thighs and ham coming out of my ears. However, I still live without a single regret.

“Ah yeah but its Christmas isn’t it” is always everybody’s reason for over indulging at Christmas (including mine) but why is this? What causes the world to go into a frenzy of eating everything in sight when Santa is coming? Standing at 5’4″ where do I manage to store all these boxes of Quality Street? and why won’t any of this weight go to my boobs?

This really has been the struggle of my life for the past week and I’m sure everybody else can relate to this too!

Sure look, a bit of chocolate never hurt anyone! (apart from Augustus Gloop)

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