Cute Homemade Gift Ideas #Gifts #Homemade

So I don’t know about you, but I personally love homemade gifts! They are just so thoughtful (and handy if you’re on a budget like I am!). With Christmas quickly approaching I have decided to give you three examples of gifts that I have received and love! Whether it is for a boyfriend, girlfriend friend, or family member, nothing says “I’m fair sound” like a gift you made yourself (with the help of a CD, jam jar and little notebook!)

1) Songs That Remind Me Of You. 
So for my sixteenth birthday in 2012 my friend Muireann made me a CD of songs that remind her of me. She then designed the cover with a…um…fab photo of us and explained the reasons for her song choices on the inside of the case. These included a complete random mixture of meaningful songs for us, such as “My Heart Will Go On” and “Learning The C Major Scale On Piano”. Just don’t ask…

2) A Jar Filled With Quotes And Memories.
This was another gift I received from a friend. This time it was from my friend Shauna near the end of the summer as she headed off to college. This was an emotional time for us both, we would no longer spend our days dreading double maths together and we would spend less Saturday nights crying in the bathroom cubicles of pubs (mainly me though I have to admit). I love choosing a random one of these to read when I’m having a bit of a bad day because I’m always guaranteed a bit of a giggle reading a random memory or it gives my mood a boost with the cute and positive quotes! Just don’t let anyone else near the jar, especially any past love interests/kisses you regret/that girl who stole your potential soulmate!

3) A Memory Notebook
This was another gift that I received for my sixteenth birthday. My sister made it for me and it is basically a little book filled with embarrassing moments from the moment I was born on the 4th of January 1996 onwards, and trust me there are a lot of those moments! She then designed the cover with a collage of random family photos. Super cute, but hidden from the world in my underwear drawer!

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