Rant Of The Week: A Lack Of Tea And Tay Tay

I literally just got the laptop ready to write this weeks Rant Of The Week and then went to boil the kettle to make myself a nice cup of tea before I start, then what happens…the kettle will not boil. I repeat, the kettle will NOT boil. The kettle is broken. No tea for Fe. No happiness for Fe. Life is grim and tea-less.

The thoughts of tomorrow aren’t exactly making the situation any better, Taylor Swift added a Dublin date to her tour, but of course I have about ten euro to my name. No big deal, shes only my favourite female music artist and dream best friend. To many people, the arrival of Tay Tay to Ireland may not be a big deal, but for me, the realisation that I will not get to see her breaks my heart into a million tiny pieces and the only thing that can kind of begin to lift my spirits is a nice cup of tea. Oh no wait. Ha. Good one Universe xx
No need to worry about me though people (I know you were all devo for me) because it’s not all doom and gloom. Santa Clause is coming to townnnnnn. You know what this means, endless supplies of mince pies and gaining weight without carrying the same amount of guilt as usual! It’s Christmas sure, losing weight will be my New Years Resolution (at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself since 2010). Also, the last episode of Friends is on as I’m writing this. Yay! 
I actually didn’t have that much to rant about this week, which is a good thing I suppose! So you all had a lucky escape until next Sunday!

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