Rant Of The Week: Spring Cleaning On A Sunday In August

A day late again with my Rant Of The Week, sorry! Basically I didn’t have time to write it yesterday because I was dragged out of bed ridiculously early (lunchtime) on a Sunday to tidy the entire house before heading out for a meal for my parents anniversary. I crashed it with my brother because hey, free food, and we’re no doubt the best thing about their marriage (dream children).

So anyway, my mum came in asking me to clean the bathroom, and clearly I was absolutely delighted about leaving my comfy, warm bed while very hungover to go and scrub a toilet. I’m now curious, does the term Spring cleaning only apply in Spring? Why are we Spring cleaning in August? We didn’t even have visitors, mum hun wua? My mum always gets the urge to give the house a makeover at the most unfortunate times, either when I’m asleep or have my friends over. Obviously I usually don’t mind, but Sundays are for resting, eating and drinking buckets of tea. Does anybody else’s mum do this?

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Anyway, it wasn’t all bad…I got it done quickly so our house is now very tidy, we had a lovely meal afterwards which put me into a food coma and I still haven’t fully recovered from it, aaaand Taylor Swift released the video for Wildest Dreams! I looooove that song! I literally scream it at the top of my voice and dance around the house listening to it. Love the video too. What are we thinking of TayTay with dark hair? I personally think she can pull off anything, Tay will always Slay!

“You see me in hindsight, tangled up with you all night” <3

Have a lovely week!
Fe xo

TV And Movie Moments I’m Still Not Over

When it comes to the lives of on screen characters, sometimes I tend to get more engrossed in theirs than my own. There are some moments with little significance to me, but the thought of some still bring back all the feels years later…

1. “I got off the plane”
The best moment in TV history. EVER.

2. The death of Mike Delfino
Desperate Housewives
How could they do that to Susan after everything they’ve been through?!

3. Allie even considering staying with Lon Hammond
The Notebook
Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, but lets not be ridiculous.

4. Jack Dawson’s death
No matter how many times I watch it, the ending never changes and the heartache strikes again. Move that booty over Rose…

5. When Rachel and Joey got together
It was just wrong on so many levels, he’s not her lobster…

6. Disney ruining childhoods
Dumbo, Bambi, The Lion King 
Think Dumbo and his mum, Bambi and his mum, and Simba and Mufasa. My little heart was just too fragile…

7. When Will rejects Anna (but it’s okay because he later realises he made a huge mistake)
Notting Hill
“I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her” Come on Will, we know you’re upset but, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

8. When Mr Big wouldn’t go through with marrying Carrie
Sex and the City
I hate men. All hope, gone forever.

My Top 10 Romantic Movies For A Rainy Day

I don’t know about you guys, but I love a good old classic romantic movie when it’s raining outside (and when it’s sunny, snowing, windy, hurricane etc. Okay so you pretty much guessed it, I’m a big fan of romantic movies.) If any of you are bored on a miserable, rainy day like today during what is supposed to be our summer, then never fear because for all you hopeless romantics out there I have the solution… so grab the remote, your duvet, lots of chocolate and get settled on the couch and prepare to block out the rest of the world 🙂 By the way, these are in no particular order.

1. Pretty Woman
Richard Gere on point alongside our fab favourite actress Julia Roberts. What more could we ask for?

2. An Officer and a Gentleman
You know that dream every girl has where she is just living her life and a beautiful man swoops in to take her away? Oh, just me then. Richard Gere is also in this one and this is the movie that made me fall head over heels in love with that now 65-year-old man.

3. Dirty Dancing
My sister once told me if I had a role in this film, I would be the watermelon. However, with all that aside, Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing is fabbity fab.

4. Notting Hill
I am so surprised how many people have not seen this movie!! It is one of my all time favourites, ever. I looove Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts so this is the perfect film for me. Both laughter and tears to be expected. Hugh why you no love me?

5. Ghost
So. Many. Feels.

6. Bridget Jones’s Diary
Bridget Jones is pretty much every girl ever. Especially me. Both of these movies are a must see, shame on you if you haven’t already…

7. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Romantic Comedy at it’s finest. Plus Matthew McConaughey, so you best be getting on that asap… I literally would if I could…

8. The Notebook
Okay duh you’ve all seen this one so I don’t really need to explain why. Lets just say “Why didn’t you write me?” to bring it all back…

9. The Bodyguard
My mum isn’t a huge fan of this movie, but she also doesn’t find Tom Selleck appealing as Richard in Friends (and obviously he’s not in this movie, I’m just saying) so lets just ignore her opinions from now on. I literally watched this movie just to listen to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and it was totally worth it!

10. Water for Elephants
I have seen this like 10 million times and still love it like the first time I watched it. R-Patz and Reese Witherspoon are perf, and I also love elephants! However, I will warn you it is quite difficult to watch at parts since it is about a circus.

Also, I’m sure you all noticed I didn’t throw in Titanic or any Disney movie and I did that on purpose because you would all be expecting it 😉 However, if you don’t watch Titanic you will never know what you’re looking for in a boyfriend and if you choose to live that way without knowing the feeling of falling in love with Jack Dawson then I feel bad for ya hun…

Sooooo I hope you enjoy crying and waiting for your crush to text back after watching all these! I think this is the issue with men nowadays, the good ones were all wasted in these movies and are now too old for us that’s why our mums always say “Your dad is a great man!” Well mother that’s very lucky for some but were is my Richard Gere…

Fe xo

Rant Of The Week: Tripping Over Air

Hey guys! So I know this post is a day late but after you’ve read this you’ll understand why. I went to the Fair of Cahir yesterday to help out Cahir Rowing Club at their stalls. To be honest, I didn’t want to go to begin with but my mum forced me (I’m 19 and she still does that?) and well, even though a good day was had by all, I think my initial not wanting to go vibe was a sign.
Being the unfortunate individual that I am I started running in the field in excitement and tripped. It was VERY embarrassing because there were loads of people around so I just kind of awkwardly laughed it off and hobbled away hoping nobody noticed. The reason I was hobbling was because my whole left foot twisted inwards and it was very painful. So being the drama queen that I am I spent the rest of the day saying “I messed up my foot” aaaaaaand nobody listened to me until I did a one legged hop through the door to our house in the evening and my mum realised one of my ankles had swelled to the size of my head. At first I didn’t know if it was swollen or if I just always had chubby ankles and was only noticing now, but then we realised they didn’t match.
Anyway, I remained on the couch for the night, but as my dad reminded me, there’s nothing unusual about that. A day later and it is still a bit sore but not as bad. Don’t you just hate tripping over air…

Channeling Your Inner Carrie Bradshaw

When it comes to fashion and figuring out men, nobody wrote that female bible better than Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Not only did we fall in love with her personality, her sense of style broke all boundaries and totally oozed confidence. She is my number one style icon (I really hope I’m the Carrie in my group of friends…) and below are a number of reasons why Sarah Jessica Parker’s character continues to inspire every outfit I ever wear. No matter what she faces in her life, Carrie is always killing it in terms of fashion!

My fluffy babies
I love anything different and out there, so it was no surprise that I fell head over heels in love with the fluffy high heel trend. I bought the black ones below which were inspired by Carrie’s because I just needed them in my life asap. Mine are from boohoo and I still keep them in the box because I’m so afraid of damaging them (I’m crazy I know). Lets just say if it came down to wearing these in the rain or going completely barefoot to makesure they stay in perfect condition, I will be having very wet feet on my next night out!

The tutu
To me, nothing says fashionista like wearing some sort of a tutu on a regular day. Obviously, in the picture below I’m wearing it as a fairy costume on Halloween, but in general, this H&M baby never fails me and will always have a sacred spot in my wardrobe. 

Fur fanatic
Anybody who knows me knows faux fur is the way to my heart. I have plenty of coats like this and completely cherish them. This outfit below was a personal favourite of mine when I went on a trip to Dublin several months ago. The back of my boots are also leopard print and my coat is F&F from Tesco which my nan treated me to, she knows me too well! 

Remember ladies, confidence is key!
I don’t believe you need to follow trends to be a lover of fashion, I believe it’s all about setting trends. If you like it, who cares what anybody else thinks? I don’t think things ever really go out of fashion. I’m not one person, I change who I am on a daily basis and my outfits always reflect this because my personal style is the way I express my personality. Carrie Bradshaw was the same, you could never predict what she would be wearing next, which I will always admire her for. My mum always said since I was little I knew exactly what I wanted to wear and she couldn’t choose for me… I guess some things never change!

What about you, who is your favourite Sex and the City character?
Fe xo

Honest Things Girls Really Want To Say To Their Boyfriends

There are some things all girls desperately want to tell their other halves/love interests but are too afraid, too embarrassed, or feel it’s too soon. Unless of course you’re like me and just come right out and say these things and end up killing all your chances of romance within three minutes of meeting the guy…
Here are things girls really want to say to their boyfriends…

1. The naked truth
I actually live in granny pants and only wear thongs when I’m seeing you. I have like four thongs, my underwear drawer is overflowing with Bridget Jones knickers and completely oozing unsexiness.

I zoned out for your ten minute rant about Fifa Ultimate Team and just smiled at the end because I was actually thinking about something completely different, usually High School Musical, puppies, or how stunning I looked last Saturday night when my eyeliner was on point .

3. Ex-girlfriends
I couldn’t care less if you had good times and mentioning her is needed to tell this whole story. In my head I’m the Queen and have just had both of you exiled from my kingdom. Ttyl bbz xx

4. TMI
Of course I burp, fart and if challenged could probably eat eight burgers in three minutes. I just won’t do it around you until you’re (a) my husband or (b) asleep. I’m a woman, not a mannequin.

5. Everyday issues
Yes, I do mind you going there without me. Yes, I am the most crazy bitch you’ve ever met. No, I do not dress to impress you. Yes, I do expect you to give me every ounce of your attention when I’m sick or on my period even if I just spent the last hour ignoring you for Instagram. Love me.

The Six Main Problems With Texting Men (And My Mum)

Ah, the male species. We love them, but quite often love to hate them. This can occur in many ways, for many reasons, at many different times, but mainly through text. I’m not saying ALL men are like this, obviously. Well actually, I hope they are, because if it’s only the men I’ve ever text what am I doing that turns them into a brick wall?

Annoying texters, here are six things that almost cause us not to text you back. I say almost because unfortunately I always text back, you could send a blank message by mistake and I’ll always find a reply. I’m one of those annoying little puppies that you just can’t shake.

1. They don’t understand bitchy smiley faces
“Go and enjoy a night with the lads it’s fine :)” That was a bitchy smiley face. 100% bitchy smiley face. If I genuinely meant it I would have chosen the cute little monkey emoji. How could you just go and have fun when I told you it was fine with a bitchy smiley face? Just assume all my smiley faces are bitchy, soz.

2. They take decades to reply
Oh, nice to hear from you, isn’t this a lovely blast from the past.

3. When they don’t reply at all we just assume they don’t have any interest in us
No reply but then a Snapchat story goes up fifteen minutes later? That’s fine, I’ve moved on. Plenty more fish in the sea my friend. Never mind, he just text me, I’m attached again…

4. “Haha” isn’t a valid reply
Somehow, judging by that emotionless reply I don’t think you’re actually laughing at my text, and why would you anyway, it wasn’t funny I just told you I was going into town? At least add an emoji…

5. Trying to play it cool but knowing if you send back a one word reply you won’t hear from him again in 2015

6. When they send the occasional x to mess with our heads
If I send one back he won’t, and if I don’t send one back he won’t either. These are a big deal so only send an x if you are trying to tell me you are going to love me forever. No time for mind games or past lovers in this situation. This obviously isn’t the case with my mother, she always rejects my x’s.

So yes, I hate to admit it but this is actually how my mind works. There goes my chances of ever texting anyone again…

Rant Of The Week: The Struggles Of Living In Ireland When You’re Not Interested in GAA

I moved from England to Ireland 15 years ago when I was 4-years-old. Since then I have faced many situations full of confusion – Pencil sharpeners became toppers, trainers became runners, etc etc. However, out of all of the things living in Ireland brought into my life, one of the main ones is the country’s passion for GAA. Even though I have no interest in sport myself, I admire how many people are so devoted to it. Whether it’s hurling or football (dear god I hope these are GAA) there is always a huge buzz around on days when matches are on. However, here are the struggles I face when I have absolutely no idea what is going on…

1. When people talk to me about football
I tend to go on like “Oh yeah, well I don’t watch it but if I had to choose I support Man Utd!” Oh, you call that soccer, my bad…

2. Not owning a single jersey even though my wardrobe is like Narnia
WHAT DO I WEAR OUT TONIGHT? My new sequin bodycon just might look a bit out of place, idk.

3. Growing up hearing “He’s a county minor”
Look, to be honest I have no idea what you just said so my feelings towards this guy have not changed in the slightest…

4. When you ask who’s playing
Okay so judging by that look you all think I’m a tad bit thick…

5. When my best friends mum supports Waterford and asks me if I’m wearing a Tipp jersey
I didn’t even realise it was a jersey, it just looked like a comfy pyjama top, but sorry if I offended your family, please don’t kick me out…

6. Tipperary Abu
Tipperary a who?

7. “It’s the under-21 final”
Jesus that sounds like a bit of a scary combination of ages to have playing against each other…

Hope you all enjoyed this and know in future I’m in hiding on these days to avoid showing my lack of knowledge to the world! 
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and enjoy the match and all the celebrations afterwards 🙂 xx

My Latest Bargain #boohoo

Hey guys! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
I went to a party last night and judging by the feedback I got from my outfit picture it seems like many of you liked it what I wore 🙂

I actually picked this gorgeous Calla Colour Block Bodycon dress up in the boohoo sale for an absolute bargain at only €14! I loved the simplicity of the black and white and the illusion of the design which I felt flattered my figure. I teamed it with a simple pair of black heels and a chunky gold necklace to go with the gold strip on my stripey clutch (stole from my sister, sshhh). I think you can never go wrong with black and white, it is just so effortlessly classy.

For my hair, I chose a curly blow-dry, which meant height (which I love) and bounce. I think it worked well with the style of the dress and gave it an elegant edge.

My favourite place to buy dresses is boohoo.com, and if you’re looking for something on a budget, the sale is definitely a great time to stock up your wardrobe. Anyone else planning on spending the rest of the weekend online shopping and relaxing like I am?

Fe xx

The Daily Struggles Of People That Have A Lisp

I don’t know if many of you have lisps, but I do. Loads of people make fun of it, but I actually went to a speech therapist when I was little. I don’t really notice it until someone points it out to me, and it doesn’t upset me when people say it, it’s just like a broken record so I’m used to it at this stage, even if it does get very boring! Here are the struggles I face everyday due to this life inconvenience…

1. “Hey, you have a lisp”
No way, do I? This is shocking, I had no idea…

2. When you’re angry but can’t express yourself
There are some words I just can’t say properly okay…

3. “I’ll have the tuna panini and crisps on the side.” “What on the side?”
Ugh, please don’t make me attempt it again…

4. “I think it’s cute…” 
You won’t find it cute when I knock you out bro

5. “Say sizzling sausages!”

6. “It’s funny because you can’t even say lisp.”
Ummmm, then why am I not laughing?