Debs Hairstyle Inspiration

As promised, with the help of my mum, I have done a blog post for any of you who may be going to a debs this year and are unsure what to do with your hair. This is always a difficult decision, and of course it depends on the person and the style of your dress. Here are a few ideas I love, and all of them started by putting my hair in heated rollers to create a soft curl. Anyone wanna bring me to a debs this year, nah?
1. This first style is a personal favourite of mine. Pinned up and brought to the side.I think if you were wearing a dress with one shoulder it would be lovely to add something to the bare shoulder. This would also be lovely if you have longer hair than mine because it would just fall gently and elegantly. 
2. This hairstyle is just a messy side bun. Lovely if you want a soft, subtle look. I chose to place a flower in it to add a burst of colour. 
3. I know many people love a plaited look for the debs, and I personally think plaits always look gorgeous in an upstyle. The end of the plait was then brought around and pinned. I chose to have all of it up, but of course some pieces down at the front would also look lovely. A very classy look.
4. I think the look below is so cute because it reminds me of a ballerina. Again, I chose a plait to add something to the front and added some simple clips. The height and size of the bun can vary greatly, but I love height.

5. I think this is more of a fun and playful look, and might not be for everybody. This is the result of my hair being left down after being left in heated rollers. The curl is really soft, and I just think it looks really pretty. Again, you could also do this if you have long hair.
My previous choices…
Just incase you were wondering what hairstyles I chose for the debs, it really changed depending on the dress and whole look that I was going for. However,looking back now, my favourite was the hairstyle that I had for my own debs, this is the first picture below. Some parts were pinned, and others just falling, with height on top (everybody knows I love volume!). It was soft and I think complimented my baby pink dress very well.

I hope this helped and you now have some ideas if you were getting into a bit of a panic about it before. You will all look lovely anyway no matter what look you decide to go for. Have a great night, and don’t forget to take loads of photos (you know, you might start a blog later and decide to do a debs hairstyles post). It’s one night where you really get to take advantage of the Disney Princess dream, so it doesn’t get any better than that!

Fe xx

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