Rant Of The Week: Cabin Fever

Okay, I’m all for the occasional quiet weekend in, but there are only so many times that I can watch The Notebook and only so much microwave popcorn a girl can eat. Anybody who knows me knows that I live for my nights out (yes that’s sad, but yes I’m a saddo and I regret nothing.) Not only do I get a thrill out of my winged eyeliner being on point, but I love that feeling of communicating with people apart from my parents, my brother and my dog. I would say my nan but sometimes she chats to herself so I dunno if that really counts as communicating with me. I think the worst part about being stuck at home is the fact that I don’t even live in a town, I’m a countryside girl and can’t drive.

I don’t really know why I haven’t been out in ages (okay like a week) but it could be because my mum says things like “Awww I love spending time with you, lets watch a movie and have a girly night.” so I’m guilted into it, but boom as soon as the house settles down and it hits 11pm she says “Right turn off all the lights please, I’m off to bed.” Mother, off to bed? I wouldn’t even be out yet? Everyones Snapchat stories are only going up now? How do you expect me to kill the going out blues all by myself for 3 and a half hours? What happened to this movie and mother-daughter bonding time?

Being the only one awake in the house then usually leads to unnecessary Facebook creeping of hot people (and surprisingly no, I don’t mean my own profile) and even blue-er blues. Must not check Snapchat, must not check Snapchat, must not check Sna- I BLOODY KNEW HE WOULD BE OUT. Why must the men we love put up Snapchat stories of them out when we’re not there? Ummm sorry mister but where did that smile come from? What do you have to be smiling about? You thinking about me? You put that on your story by accident instead of sending it to me? You picturing our future together? Oh, wait, could have something to do with the fact that there is a Kendall Jenner lookalike standing beside you. Ori. So this is fine…

Seriously though, do these things happen to anyone else? Why can’t our house be full of Kopparberg and McDonald’s chicken nuggets?

However, it is not all doom and gloom because luckily, as Sunday arrives the Universe randomly decides to be in my favour. The majority of you are hungover and broke while I’m chilling with my health and (somewhat) wealth. Relaxing in bed and loving life, until… must not check Instagram, must not check Instagram, must not check Insta- DAMMIT.

Yeah, I need to find my previous party animal ways ASAP…

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