The Daily Struggles Of People That Have A Lisp

I don’t know if many of you have lisps, but I do. Loads of people make fun of it, but I actually went to a speech therapist when I was little. I don’t really notice it until someone points it out to me, and it doesn’t upset me when people say it, it’s just like a broken record so I’m used to it at this stage, even if it does get very boring! Here are the struggles I face everyday due to this life inconvenience…

1. “Hey, you have a lisp”
No way, do I? This is shocking, I had no idea…

2. When you’re angry but can’t express yourself
There are some words I just can’t say properly okay…

3. “I’ll have the tuna panini and crisps on the side.” “What on the side?”
Ugh, please don’t make me attempt it again…

4. “I think it’s cute…” 
You won’t find it cute when I knock you out bro

5. “Say sizzling sausages!”

6. “It’s funny because you can’t even say lisp.”
Ummmm, then why am I not laughing?

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