Rant Of The Week: Spring Cleaning On A Sunday In August

A day late again with my Rant Of The Week, sorry! Basically I didn’t have time to write it yesterday because I was dragged out of bed ridiculously early (lunchtime) on a Sunday to tidy the entire house before heading out for a meal for my parents anniversary. I crashed it with my brother because hey, free food, and we’re no doubt the best thing about their marriage (dream children).

So anyway, my mum came in asking me to clean the bathroom, and clearly I was absolutely delighted about leaving my comfy, warm bed while very hungover to go and scrub a toilet. I’m now curious, does the term Spring cleaning only apply in Spring? Why are we Spring cleaning in August? We didn’t even have visitors, mum hun wua? My mum always gets the urge to give the house a makeover at the most unfortunate times, either when I’m asleep or have my friends over. Obviously I usually don’t mind, but Sundays are for resting, eating and drinking buckets of tea. Does anybody else’s mum do this?

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Anyway, it wasn’t all bad…I got it done quickly so our house is now very tidy, we had a lovely meal afterwards which put me into a food coma and I still haven’t fully recovered from it, aaaand Taylor Swift released the video for Wildest Dreams! I looooove that song! I literally scream it at the top of my voice and dance around the house listening to it. Love the video too. What are we thinking of TayTay with dark hair? I personally think she can pull off anything, Tay will always Slay!

“You see me in hindsight, tangled up with you all night” <3

Have a lovely week!
Fe xo

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