8 Random Things You Will Find In Every Girls Bedroom

Welcome to my bedroom: Enter at your own risk.

1. The chair
Ohhhhh there’s my crop top that went missing three years ago. Dad, is that you? We all thought you went working abroad in 2009?

2. The drawer
There could be absolutely anything in here, ranging from cute polka dot Penneys hairbands to that boy that refused to go on a date with you…

3. A tub of sudocrem for your spots and random tampon for, well, you know 
These usually get shoved in the drawer (see point 2) if any of your male friends come to visit.

4. 13 random mugs and 8 plates
“No mum I haven’t seen the cheese grat- Oh wait, never mind here is it”

5. A charger with no purpose
You aren’t for my phone or camera so where did you come from?

6. A corner dedicated to your friends
A small (7 foot high) pile of things your friends left here while they were getting ready to go out. You have all their clothes but none of your own because they’re either at their houses or on the chair. “Ew have those fake eyelashes been used?”

7. At least 8 pairs of shoes that you never wear
Your communion shoes, ugly pumps from when you were in first year or just a pair from Kendall and Kylie’s new collection that you know you will die if you wear so you just bought them to look at.

8. A pair of knickers thrown on the floor
Remember when you were in primary school and used to say “one sec let me tidy my room before you come in” to your friends? Well, does anyone else still do that or is that just me?

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