Rant Of The Week: That Sunday Feeling

I find it very funny how Sunday can be the best and worst day of the week. It starts off as great when you’re lying in bed drinking tea, sprawled out thinking about life and how sunny it is, imagining the roast dinner that lies ahead, but then BOOM! After dinner, when you’re completely stuffed with roast potatoes and apple pie the bad feeling starts to set in. Did I REALLY need to eat that fourth slice of apple pie? Did I really need extra cream? Do I really have to face tomorrow?

Poor old Monday always has a hard time and is disliked by everybody. Really though, is it Mondays fault or do we all just need to change our attitudes? Why does everyone put so much pressure on Monday? Why is homework always due Monday and why do we choose Monday as they day we are suddenly going to have willpower and stick to our diets? If we continue to waste all of our Sundays worrying about Monday, we will never have fond Sunday memories and realistically we are all losing a day of the week because they both merge into one big Monday.

I think we all need to stop using Sunday as the build up to Monday and treat it as we do Saturday (just perhaps with less alcohol and dodgy tan lines). Live in the present and not in the future because that Monday might not ever come and you’ve wasted your last chance to make your life spectacular.

However, if Monday does come, which I can assure you it probably will, just remember that your glass is half full (just unfortunately, it’s not with vodka!)

Happy Sunday lovelies! X

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