Honest Things Girls Really Want To Say To Their Boyfriends

There are some things all girls desperately want to tell their other halves/love interests but are too afraid, too embarrassed, or feel it’s too soon. Unless of course you’re like me and just come right out and say these things and end up killing all your chances of romance within three minutes of meeting the guy…
Here are things girls really want to say to their boyfriends…

1. The naked truth
I actually live in granny pants and only wear thongs when I’m seeing you. I have like four thongs, my underwear drawer is overflowing with Bridget Jones knickers and completely oozing unsexiness.

I zoned out for your ten minute rant about Fifa Ultimate Team and just smiled at the end because I was actually thinking about something completely different, usually High School Musical, puppies, or how stunning I looked last Saturday night when my eyeliner was on point .

3. Ex-girlfriends
I couldn’t care less if you had good times and mentioning her is needed to tell this whole story. In my head I’m the Queen and have just had both of you exiled from my kingdom. Ttyl bbz xx

4. TMI
Of course I burp, fart and if challenged could probably eat eight burgers in three minutes. I just won’t do it around you until you’re (a) my husband or (b) asleep. I’m a woman, not a mannequin.

5. Everyday issues
Yes, I do mind you going there without me. Yes, I am the most crazy bitch you’ve ever met. No, I do not dress to impress you. Yes, I do expect you to give me every ounce of your attention when I’m sick or on my period even if I just spent the last hour ignoring you for Instagram. Love me.

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