Rant Of The Week: Tripping Over Air

Hey guys! So I know this post is a day late but after you’ve read this you’ll understand why. I went to the Fair of Cahir yesterday to help out Cahir Rowing Club at their stalls. To be honest, I didn’t want to go to begin with but my mum forced me (I’m 19 and she still does that?) and well, even though a good day was had by all, I think my initial not wanting to go vibe was a sign.
Being the unfortunate individual that I am I started running in the field in excitement and tripped. It was VERY embarrassing because there were loads of people around so I just kind of awkwardly laughed it off and hobbled away hoping nobody noticed. The reason I was hobbling was because my whole left foot twisted inwards and it was very painful. So being the drama queen that I am I spent the rest of the day saying “I messed up my foot” aaaaaaand nobody listened to me until I did a one legged hop through the door to our house in the evening and my mum realised one of my ankles had swelled to the size of my head. At first I didn’t know if it was swollen or if I just always had chubby ankles and was only noticing now, but then we realised they didn’t match.
Anyway, I remained on the couch for the night, but as my dad reminded me, there’s nothing unusual about that. A day later and it is still a bit sore but not as bad. Don’t you just hate tripping over air…

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