W7 Catwalk Face Shaper Review

This month I bought myself the W7 Catwalk Face Shaper in Morrison’s Pharmacy, Cahir for only €6.99. (They also have SoSu nail varnishes, need to get myself a few of those soon!)

I’m naturally very pale anyway so was wondering whether I could get away with the face shaper on a daily basis with my everyday foundation. I use No7 Stay Perfect foundation in Calico because it is so natural.

Usually when I go out at night I do contour anyway, but I tend to do that when I’m completely tanned up. One day my mum told me my face looked a completely different shape (them Kim K skills I’m telling ya!) but anyway, I don’t want that on a normal day, I just bought the face shaper because it promises that it “shapes and defines your face like a catwalk model.”

Fresh faced and make-up free!

I tried it out and I really love this product. It is so affordable and perfect for any girl that loves a natural everyday make-up look. The brush included is great and the product is small enough to carry around in your handbag. I used my No7 contour and highlighting brush to blend the highlighter and shade. It goes through every step on the back of the box so you know exactly how and where to apply everything.

Being fab as usual…

For me it turned out so natural because I used a subtle base foundation which I love, but I am also going to try it out on top of a darker shade.

The end result without eye make-up or lipstick. A nice natural finish.

Overall, for me, this is a make-up must have!

Five Times We All Wanted To Be Taylor Swift

Anybody who knows me knows that I am the biggest Tay Tay fan going. I have seen her twice in concert and could sing her songs backwards (Yes, if you’re wondering, I was team Tay, not Nicki, obvs).

Along with her amazing New York apartment (which cost over €20 million) and her numerous famous girlfriends, there are an endless amount of reasons why this girl is my idol. Below are only a few of these reasons…

Not jealous at all…
Yep, this is fine…
Just besties with Ed, no biggie
Do you get what I’m saying by now?
But even without all of those things, we still love her! (and Meredith and Olivia of course) 

So, um yeah, just wondering when these things will happen to me?

8 Things That Happen When I Try To Eat More Healthy Food

If you’re following me on Instagram you will know how hard I have been trying to go on a major health kick (okay, since like yesterday, but still…)
This is something I want to do for my own self esteem because I spend so much time complaining about my diet and belly so decided to take action. Saying that, it’s not as easy as it seems and I think I have reached breaking point due to the things below starting to get on my nerves…

1. When you’re not worried about your diet the fridge is empty, but when you start eating healthy your house suddenly turns into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory
I know you’re my family but you do all have a chocolatey scent all of a sudden…

2. You expect your bedroom mirror to turn into the one from Snow White
I just ate a salad, do I look like Khloe Kardashian yet?

3. You feel like everybody is judging you
Yes Mother, I do want to dunk this chocolate biscuit into my tea otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered to take it out of the cupboard.

4. You start questioning whether to buy the size 8 or the size 10 while shopping online
Like overnight I could have suddenly dropped a whole size so the 10 would be a waste of money…

5. Worry sets in
What if none of my clothes will fit anymore? Will my boobs disappear completely? This stress is making me hungry…

6. You realise you should have went with the 10…
But this could be the last time you do this skinny jean struggle dance, it’s the end of an era.

7. You wonder how to lose chins
Look, I don’t even know if it’s possible, but at least three of these have to go…

8. Your cravings get so bad that all your friends suddenly look like kebabs with legs…
Must. not. give. in.

Anyone else on this journey with me? We can do this! Girl power! I believe in us <3 x 

Five Reasons Why Brothers Are The Only Men You Need

Firstly, my brother is going to absolutely murder me for writing this about him and embarrassing him, but I know he loves me really, but still, if none of you could tell him about this that would be great…

My brother is 16, so he is younger than me but we’ve always been very close. He is my favourite boy best friend that I have. Here are the reasons why I think they are the only men you really need in life… (well, kinda!)

1. They protect you like your dad
They’re less embarrassing than your dad (no high trousers or lame jokes) but always do his job when he’s not around. “I would say yes to going out with you but I’ll have to ask my brother first, sorry…”

2. They treat your properly
Even though you irritate the life out of them they treat you like the princess you are and only want the best for you. They don’t openly admit how great you are, but catch them alone when you’re down and they will tell you (it’s all in the family genes).

3. You can teach them how to treat women and about life in general
I don’t know about you, but aside from teaching him inaccurate things to scare him from a young age, my brother seems to have learned a lot from seeing my sister and I heartbroken. Some of my boy best friends just don’t compare, get your act together lads…

4. They actually text you back
Okay, that’s probably because the message said “Mum said to tell you to empty the dishwasher, do it so I don’t have to or else I’ll kill you!”, but still…

5. You can be yourself 100%
“Can you pass me the remote, I ate too much pizza and now I can’t move…”

Only: What I Am Currently Loving

As usual, I popped into Only Clonmel recently to have a browse. Aswell as the great sale they have on, I fell in love with loads of pieces from their beautiful new stock. As you all know, I’m always on the hunt for new additions to my wardrobe, and Only are there to help all of us fashion fanatics.

In particular, the suede look jacket below caught my attention. Such an unusual and classy piece, and I am loving the detail on the back! The colour is so neutral and really can be styled with any colour you want, which makes it one that can be worn over and over again with various things.
Styling this jacket is so easily done with a pair of skinny jeans and a colourful tank top. The detail on the back will really pop with the burst of colour coming through. This outfit is so versatile because it can be a casual daytime look or further glammed up with a pair of heels for a night out with the girls.

 This pink top is absolutely gorgeous, I’m a huge lover of pink anyway, but I really love the bottom of it in particular, giving an edge to a simple tank top. And when it comes to the skinny jeans, you really can’t go wrong with treating yourself to a new pair of jeans, can you? Just me who feels extra confident when I know I have fab fitting jeans on?
Off to the Showgrounds we go!

Ten Signs That You’re A Real Life Bridget Jones

After hearing that a third Bridget Jones movie is in the works I haven’t been able to get rid of the urge to watch the first two movies on a sad Saturday night in with an endless amount of maltesers and Ben and Jerrys.

The movie is apparently called Bridget Jones’s Baby (hint, hint) and is due to begin filming in August. Unfortunately, Hugh Grant will not be making a comeback as the irresistible heartbreaker Daniel Cleaver, so Colin Firth will have to do as the charming Mark Darcy!

In honour of this great announcement in female movie history, I have decided to write a post about all the ways women everywhere can relate to Bridget’s character. Oh wait, is that just me? Damn…

1. You have knickers to suit every occasion
To thong or not to thong?
2. There’s always that one guy you can never work out…
We meeting up or nah?

3. Oh, and the other one…
Ohhh so I move on and now you decide to speak up…

4. Your friends aren’t particularly fond of them
We can’t blame them really…

5. Your parents never seem to help matters either
Mother, I wanted valuable life advice, not a lecture and appearance criticism. 

6. You don’t exactly help yourself at times and end up being a disaster magnet
Deleting all my social media accounts and moving to Peru…

7. You have your little insecurities
Even though you hate to admit it sometimes…

8. You never know when to shut up
“I really should not have said that…”

9. Which often gets you into trouble…
“I was right, I really should not have said that…”

10. When all else fails, you enjoy your alone time and dwell on the hopelessness of your entire life
Until Saturday night when you decide to hit the naggin of vodka hard and repeat number six…

Five Profile Picture/Selfie Rules Men Need To Know ASAP

When it comes to the science of profile pictures and selfies, women are very up to date on it (or maybe it’s just me and I’m a psycho, idk). Anyway, when it comes down to it I would much rather you using your valuable likes on my fab profiler which I spent a good ten minutes editing and choosing a nice filter for, rather than giving your likes to that girl who already gets 879 likes. SHE DOESN’T NEED ANOTHER ONE. Am I invisible? Why is it that I am in love with you but you choose to ignore my expert use of Valencia?

I will never get 800 likes, I struggle to get my own mother to like it, so it would be nice if you could at least pretend I don’t look like an alien all the time…
Here are (my) social media picture rules men need to know (and when I say men I mean men that I want to love me, I’m not fussy at all)…

Rule #1: You can only like my profile pictures and selfies.

Rule #2: Rule number one is the most important rule of all.

Rule #3: Okay fine, you can occasionally like my friends pictures.

Rule #4: Rule number 3 only applies if I am also in the picture being my usual stunning self.

Rule #5: Ignore rules 3 and 4.

Something tells me my expectations are too high, oops!

Hope you enjoyed this daily dose of crazy!

Five Disney Men We’ve All Encountered

I’m always shocked when someone tells me they aren’t a huge Disney fan, my entire childhood was built around Disney. My idea of an ideal man was based on the characters and romance of these films. However, I can also spot the not so great ones, they aren’t all Prince Charmings, there’s the occassional frog thrown in there too! Here are the five Disney males we have all encountered at some point in our lives…

1. The Beast
“If you’re creeping on his Facebook, just remember he’s hotter in person I swear!” Nevertheless, looks aren’t everything.

2. The Gaston
Nothing but muscles and arrogance, move along please…

3. The Flynn Rider
Is he flirting or does he genuinely hate me? I really can’t tell…

4. The Aladdin
You know he could end up getting you into trouble but you can’t resist the rebellious streak…

5. The Peter Pan
Ummm can you please stop ditching me for the lost boys? Why is Tinkerbell first in your Snapchat bestfriends? I think she has feelings for you…

Listening To Your Head And Your Heart

As a stubborn person, there is nothing more frustrating than the feeling of not being able to make my own decisions. I just hate that torn feeling where you are in the center of a hundred different opinions swirling around your mind. I like to think that as a 19-year-old, by now I know my own head, I know my own heart and I know my own gut, more than anybody else ever will or ever could.

You can never let other people make decisions for you, you will end up unhappy and full of regret. If there is something you want to do, then just do it. If you know it could be a foolish idea but it’s driving you crazy until you get it out of your system, then you need to do it. The things you want in your head and your heart are not there for nothing, they’re your gut telling you what to do. You feel stuck on them because they are important and mean something to you, even if nobody else can see it the same way that you can. Maybe it won’t turn out the way you wanted or expected it to, but then again maybe the events could lead to something even better than you had originally planned.

I’m at a stage in my life where I don’t for sure what I want in life. Sure I have goals and dreams, but I don’t know exactly where I’m going or what I’m doing, but I quite like not knowing. Everything happens for a reason and I think people should have the freedom to live the life they want to live. If you listen to other people, you will always resent them for it because they’re not living in the situation, they aren’t emotionally involved in the situation, they can give advice but they can’t force you to make a decision. Only you really know what to do. No matter what happens, everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Rant Of The Week: Living In A Zoo

Okay, well obviously I don’t actually live in a zoo but sometimes I feel like I do. We have six cats, SIX CATS. I know, crazy right? We also have two dogs and numerous goldfish. I personally want an elephant or micro pig but I’ve been waiting a while and have a feeling I’ll be waiting a while longer. The reason for our zoo? We usually take in stray animals who we can’t find homes for. They just kinda wander into our little rural animal orphanage. Of course this usually happens when mum is working because as always, Dad is much easier to convince. He complains about it later, but he loves them really. If God went on a hunt to find a present day Noah, my dad would be the easiest target ever. Just dad and his ark, no biggie.
Anyway, the reason why this has become a rant is because I have animals coming out of my ears. I don’t even really like animals! I have a fear of dogs and kept having a flashback to me as a baby sitting on a picnic blanket and then a dog ran over and I burst into tears because it was so much bigger than me. I genuinely thought I was going crazy until my mum told me it happened. So that explains it, I was traumatised from a young age. I would be much happier having an elephant in my garden rather than dogs. Harsh, but true. Soz Mitsy and Zorro. Apparently elephants are too expensive and hard to keep though, and dad thinks I won’t look after it properly. Rude…